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  1. you must have some opinion
  2. Give it some time, I know that I myself am completely occupied with moving and the beginning of a semester of college next week. If you desire serious feedback, individuals need the time to seriously evaluate your material. Plus, its not even been a day.
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    My opinion is that you are trying to advertise for free.
  4. all right i will leave it a few days. but will some one please watch the lectures and give some feedback.

    it is not about advertising. i don't sell anything that anyone here would want to buy. the only people that would be interested would be governments and i doubt anyone here is in charge of the treasury or fed so i won't benefit other than your opinions.
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    Then why the "donations" link at the bottom of the page?
  6. the donation link is just so i could get my costs paid for. it is not cheap to run a website and promote work to politicians. plus travelling to meet them and providing them with work research for free.

    the concept is like a think tank if you support my ideas you could support me financially so that i can expand my work. in turn that enables me to implement my work in government and resolve economic problems.

    there is not a think tank or political party that does not ask for donations. it is how institutions work and how people get funding for new ideas in a way that does not demand money for service. this way i can provide politicians with free economic support and improve economics thinking. i have had interest from other countries too in past. if an idea is good i do get asked up to meet politicians and it is not cheap for me to travel.

    about a year ago a wrote a prototype taxation model for the czech republic. ok they did not use it in the end but they were interested and thought it was clever thinking. what if they asked me to provide them with more information and go to the ministry of finance in prague. their ambassador in england did send it to their ministry of finance, so they obviously thought it was at least worth looking at.

    what if they wanted to pursue it further and told me to visit. they might pay for my costs in relation to travel but what about the cost of taking time of work to prepare my a presentation. that is the cost of new thinking.

    besides that donation link was not intended for the people at et forums it is aimed places like the imf, the ecb, the boe etc.

    all that i want to know is opinion of my lectures. otherwise i wouldn't be asking for your view i would be asking for a donation.