What do you think when you see a famous trader now selling courses & mentorship plans?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SteveM, Dec 14, 2019.

  1. SteveM


    There is a person who is very well known in the trading world for the last 30 years, who has been featured in trading books, articles, interviews etc. A true "market wizard" if you will, and a source of inspiration to many who have followed their work.

    Lately, I've been receiving emails from this person regarding trading workshops and mentorships that cost around $1,500.

    What do you think about this?

    A) This person is still a market wizard, has made enough money to last them a lifetime, and is now conducting workshops because trading gets pretty boring after 30 years, and this helps them stay mentally sharp and connected to others.


    B) This person is no longer making enough money solely from the markets to support their lifestyle, and therefore needs to supplement their income via workshops/mentorships. They have lost their edge in the markets, or possibly never had an edge to begin with and were faking it all along.


    C) other theory - please explain
  2. ZBZB


    Name names.
  3. bzakari


    Hi Steve, for my opinion :
    if this person is well known in the trading world for 30 years, my theory would be that after a very long successuff (it has to be succesfull after 30 years thought), he simply want to share his passion to others.
    And of course it is normal that he prices his experience and time.
    My opinion..
    Best regards
  4. Wheezooo


    I think... Allen Iverson and M.C. Hammer.
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  5. Lenny Dykstra? (Cramer described him as "awesome".)
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  6. Specterx


    No way to really tell without knowing something about the guru's strategy or perf profile/history. Longtime traders go bust all the time as markets change, though some methodologies are more robust than others.

    OTOH there's nothing inherently wrong or strange about selling training. Six figs to give a seminar, or write a weekly newsletter is hard to turn down for anyone, especially if you're a people person or enjoy the social aspect.
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  7. traider


    Need his name to make final judgement call
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  9. dozu888


    99% chance this guy aint making money.
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  10. speedo


    There is no way to know without seeing financial and brokerage statements and that includes LBR. What is known is she has done a great deal of quality technical research and testing and has sound ideas. What those ideas are worth is up to the consumer to decide.
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