What do you think of TradersStudio?

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What do you think of TradersStudio?

  1. Own TradersStudio

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  2. I am on the fence, thinking about it but have not decided yet

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  3. Looked at TradersStudio but am waiting for real time product

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  4. I cannot believe TradersStudio can do what they claim they can do, must be a lie

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  5. Looked at it and decided against it

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  6. What is TradersStudio?

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  1. Please can I have the reply to the above?
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  3. byculla


    Did not read this till today. Oh dear, oh dear. Just shows how little you know about PnF. Data manupelation and charting are entirely different. A wider education is deffinately a need here. May I suggest that perusal of an articale " Point and Figure goes high tech " at T2W could be a start followed by a reading of Jeremy du Plessis's book along with others available.
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  4. Ok, I'll set aside some time to take a look though I must confess that I'm disinclined to buy a book on a subject that I expect is not applicable to my mode of operation.

    In the meantime, seeing as you seem to be well informed regarding PnF and it's applications, would you mind giving a summary explanation of it's benefits (to the automated trader)? And, perhaps, offer some insight into how the logic of those methods might be coded and tested without information leakage?

    Without that I can't see why adding such a feature to a backtest platform would make any sense.

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  5. I have just purchased TradersStudio. Their customer service is good and they are patient, understanding & are prompt. Mr. Murray actively involves himself in the customer service. Not once, I felt that I was being pushed to buy the product, they clarified all my queries & let me decide on my own. His motive is not money but simple satisfaction of the customers. I feel that is the motto of all successful business "Customer is the King". The best part is that they seem to be loyal to old customers (as seen in the various threads) and treat all alike.

    That is all I can say and other older customers can more throw light on your queries.
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  6. We currently are an offline , end of day with intra-day backtesting product. We have a real timeversion in beta. We also have a addin for placing trades from end of day data, including ones you can enter off of tomorrow open from the current version of TradersStudio. This addin should be shipping this spring. This addin will be for IB.

    So the addin for IB is available now? or still have to wait? If have to wait, do you have a DATE? Thanks.
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  7. I am a forex trader,and bought version 2.0 with online upgradation to 2.5. Recently I am just starting to learn how to use the software. Last weekend , I was trying to post my question on the forum, but I was asked to be examined before posting. So far, 2 days passed, I have not seen my question on the forum yet.

    Why the poster is so regulated?

    One more disappointment with the software, there are just 2 forex tradeplan. The 3 major money management plans are not availble to forex at all

    I am newbie to the backtesting software. If any people can help with this, please tell me what is going with the traderstudio.

    Thank you for help
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  8. Murray Ruggiero

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    Each asset class has it's own issues. There are just 2 tradeplans for forex because they are templates for you to develop your own plans. These two basic plans are a very good starting point. The other money management plans have features that don't apply to forex. Tell me what type of things you would like to try in terms of money management and forex and I will be happy to help you though it.
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  9. hi, Murray,
    Thank you for your help. For a newbie like me , I feel much disappointed with your software. Because I have no experience of using testng software b4 and programming, I just need the "stupid"software to use. It means software should include some very important elements . Actually, I think it should include at least fixed dollar risk, percent risk msg for forex.
    In the real forex market, there is no such thing like volime and open interest.

    One more thing, if the forum does not moderate any poster, the users can help each other.

    Thank you for your time.
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  10. Since, you have questions over the forex part, please read the following wherein it explains a lot about Forex handling:

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