What do you think of TradersStudio?

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What do you think of TradersStudio?

  1. Own TradersStudio

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  2. I am on the fence, thinking about it but have not decided yet

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  3. Looked at TradersStudio but am waiting for real time product

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  4. I cannot believe TradersStudio can do what they claim they can do, must be a lie

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  5. Looked at it and decided against it

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  6. What is TradersStudio?

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  1. fundjunkie...you lose your credibility when you seem to cheer and defend Murray at every opportunity. Are you an independent unbiased user or a PR /Marketing agent?

    We all have our biases...but leave the advertising and excuse making to Murray.

    Nonetheless, most people here can discern the true situation.
    #141     Aug 18, 2009
  2. ERdiesel


    Thanks, but i want to hear from murray himself. Though i'm sure he'll just say it's right around the corner as he has been saying for the past year. Seriously though, over a year behind schedule for an applicaiton like this? simply not acceptable. wish i could get my money back.
    #142     Aug 18, 2009
  3. Pal, I recommend you keep your cynicism to yourself. You lost credibility a while back so please don't try to drag me down there with you.

    I am merely reporting what I know, which isn't much - I do not speculate - and to be polite with it. Murray's management of the TS roadmap has been less than poor. It's an established fact and bleating about it here isn't gonna change what's in the past. He needs to get his act together so I recommend you get in his face, not mine.

    I just don't get why this forum is forum is so packed with dumbasses who'd rather discuss the person than the issues. For Christ's sake, get a life will ya!
    #143     Aug 18, 2009
  4. He may well do. That's his problem to address - optimistic roadmap estimates and then poor resource management in-house.

    I suspect this release has been too big a step forward with too much added in, and still being added in. My view is that it should have been broken down into a series of point releases. That what other companies do to help manage the roadmap and also keep "release junkies" happy.

    I've been getting occasional (not all) betas and am due to get another in the next few days. From the perspective I have it looks like (has done since spring I will admit) most of the pieces are in place. My guess was, from what I could infer from the last beta, that it could be finalized and released by August or September. That clearly isn't happening though.

    I did ask Murray why there was going to be another beta round. I was told what i told you earlier, regarding the money management project. Unlike others, who seem to exist in a world of hateful suspicion, I believe that. I just assume he doesn't manage project timelines well enough.

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  5. Murray Ruggiero

    Murray Ruggiero Sponsor

    The product is behind because:

    1) People ask for features and I keep adding them
    2) I need features and keep adding them
    3) I am fixing a few more things before this next beta, but the main problem with this next release is the documentation, that where we are behind. Also anyone who has a membership pack or purchase 2.5 after July 2008 can get on the beta list by simple requesting and signing a beta agreement. I think this was a good idea to get more testers but also allow me to keep adding these and delaying official release.

    I am currently working with my partner who I develop all the trading strategies who is an IA, CPO and a CTA. We are managing about 30 million dollars and sometimes that takes the front burner.

    PM me, or e-mail me at Murray@TradersStudio.com if you have any questions. I am very easy to work with and do understand software is a service business. People want new features and I add them and give them the beta, they are happy. It causes problem like these posts above by doing this. It also creates a relationship this these customers and they want to see you successes because they had a piece in what I am releasing.

    I am closing out development on Professional and it will be released this fall. Many other exciting things are coming down the pipeline soon after that.
    #145     Aug 18, 2009
  6. ERdiesel


    Why the criteria of purchased after july 2008? Why not anyone who currently has version 2.5? I purchased the program in june 2008 and as I was promised last year when i bought the program, the new version would be a free upgrade, well of course that's when you also said it would be released last fall. I expect you to provide the upgrade for free, hence i don't know why the stipulation of july 2008. Nothing else for me to say on that subject.

    I think i've been EXTREMELY patient waiting for the new version only posting here once a season, but seriously now murray, this is getting pretty old, pretty quick. you haven't had any updates to your release version in over a year, and that's unheard of in the software world.

    BTW, i bought your program used it a few times and simply stopped using it while waiting for the upgrade and tonight i decided to start the program again and guess what? Says my key is no longer valid? What the heck? this is the second time this has happened, do you put a time lock on the keys? or do you have a way to remotely disable keys? If so, why the heck would you ever disable a key that someone PAID you for!!! WTF. Seriously. and no, i have not changed computers. Same computer I installed the program on originally. If the keys do have some logic in them that forces users to get new keys periodically, then it seems to me that we don't really own the program but are "leasing" it. If so, just refund me my money and come clean with your potential customers as to that fact.

    This BS is getting awfully annoying
    #146     Aug 18, 2009
  7. Murray Ruggiero

    Murray Ruggiero Sponsor

    You do have a version which is yours to use. It does not expire, keys change sometime due to many different issues, sometimes installing different software, updating bios, using virtual machine software, various things. We are not disabling it and it offends me that you would think we are trying to cheat our customers.

    I plan on having two version a 3.0 and a Professional. 3.0 is not going to have all of the new features, some of them but not all.
    That will be free for all people who paid for 2.5. Professional will be free if you purchased after July 2008 or have a gold or platinum membership. 3.0 is simple a stripped down version of professional so no need to have two different beta groups so these product can be released at the same time. Professional will have a higher price tag than the 3.0 version.
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  8. ERdiesel


    So I bought the program in the third week of June 2008 to demo it and then decided after a month to keep it and I was not provided my activation keys until the third week of July 2008 (i even have the original email from you guys dated 7/22/2008 with the original activation keys), would I get the professional version? Unfortunately, the only way to "demo" the program is by purchasing it but it was a trial version with no activation key until my 30 days were up. I distinctly remember when I bought the program i bought it with the assurance that the upgrade to version 3.0 would be free to me, of course this was when 3.0 was slated to come out a couple of months after my purchase. There was no mention then of a dumbed down 3.0 and a "premium" version of 3.0. Obviously if I had known that, I wouldn't have started your demo until a week later. Since my program was not "activated" until July 2008 I believe I am eligible for the upgrade to 3.0 professional and not the lesser version. Please advise. Thanks.
    #148     Aug 19, 2009
  9. Murray Ruggiero

    Murray Ruggiero Sponsor

    Again we are not trying to cheat people , I will be more than flexable, I need to pick a date. It was that simple, it's not in stone but if you purchased in 2007 , you need to get a membership package to get Professional. I promise you that you will get Professional when it's available. I could make it May 1, 2008 to get 3.0 and after to get Professional. Professional did not exists as a concept until April 2008. We planned on doing a more incremental upgrade before that.

    It's not a big deal, I need need some rules. For example we have customer who have not purchased a version since 1.3.6 because 2.5 was a free upgrade to them. You can see our companies policy was to go beyond the call for our customers.
    We gave them three years of free upgrades as the product matured.
    #149     Aug 19, 2009
  10. ERdiesel


    I completely understand that you need to pick a date for when previous purchasers are eligble for a free upgrade. Of course, you also have to understand that this new version is over a year behind schedule and you need to do right by those who are "borderline", and you have done right by me in your previous response and I appreciate that. Looking forward to the new 3.0 professional version..........when it comes out.
    #150     Aug 19, 2009