What do you think of this trader's sentiments?

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    I will give the readers of this message who are interested in trading the best advice you will ever get because it comes from a guy who really makes money trading futures from his own PC.

    I have 5 years experience in the markets

    1..Anyone who tries to sell you trading advice is ripping you off. Bar none. Going public with a system immediately ruins that system, so quit making trading authors, seminar speakers etc.. rich

    2. Indicators do not work, none do.

    3. If you want to trade then you are on your own. You must teach yourself. You do this by subscribing to tradestation software and by studying price action, talk with other traders on their forums, but beware that many of the traders there don't yet make real money trading, they do help with the basics though.

    4. remember that when you make a dollar trading, another trader must lose a dollar. Trading is all about taking money away from other experienced traders and it aint easy. Some of the most brilliant minds and companies spend millions studying the markets and you are pitting you mind agianst theirs.

    After years of studying sometimes 10 hours day i finally can say that I make about 30 to 50% and I am soooo proud to have finally gotten here.

    only a few make it, more would if they would realize that nothing comes easy and that anyone who publishes any system is ripping you off, you must learn, sadly enough, on your own.
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    Which part confuses you?

    If I gave the impression that the original post is mine, it's not. It's an amazon.com customer review of a trading book.
  4. indicators do work. They are not suppose to be used as a buy or sell signal. They are only a guide to give to help you make the right decision. A guide only.
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    HUH , you copied a plan of trading education from a review of a trading book on amazon .com.

    Then you copied some rules from another trader who claims 30-50% annual gains ?

    sounds like BS to me, what is this a cut/paste your way to trading riches?
  6. Maybe this from the same thread:

    Or this a few posts later:

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    Okay, I need to clear a few things up.

    The plan in the Career Trading forum was written by me. The original post in THIS forum was a customer review of a book. I am ONLY curious what people think of it, that's all.
  8. Kovacs,
    You're full of crapola, your entire post is BS. You sound like a bitter man who has a whole basket full of sour grapes.Indicators do work!!! I'm having my best year ever using one. BTW, use say get Tradestation. Well I bought it because the colorful charts made me feel like a bigshot, I also lost my ass using it, as most do. It's total overkill for your average Trader. Sorry to jump on you, but you made some irratating statements.

    Rennick out
  9. Big dog, wake up, he said that the post on this thread is from a BOOK REVIEW, not his own feelings or thoughts. He just wants to know what people think of it.

  10. Ok then, next time make that clear in your post, got that kojak. Your lucky your not within arms reach, I'd give ya a fresh one to the back of the head.

    Rennick out :mad:
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