What do you think of this trade.

Discussion in 'Options' started by peilthetraveler, May 26, 2009.

  1. I bought some FAS Oct 7 puts. The decay factor should let me at least double my money if not triple, right?
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    I think you should buy a Beemer (or similar) tomorrow with those can't miss profits!
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    I'd say #1 spot on the next year's billionaires list is yours! Watch out Bill Gates!
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    I'm heading over to Home Depot right now to grab a wheelbarrow. Now where's my cane???
  5. So you are saying it is good to have your long puts decay away to nothing over the next 5 months?
  6. Decay factor is going to help with puts that you BOUGHT???

    You only want to double your money? I know of an opportunity to make 50 times your money. If your interested let me know and Ill send you my nigerian friends contact details.
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    LOL...I think he's going for the decay factor in leveraged ETFs...
  8. LOL! Yeah i guess i should've been more clear with that. The decay factor of the 3x leveraged ETF's FAS/FAZ i was talking about...not the decay factor of puts/calls.
  9. What is the theta of your PUT?
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    I don't understand the argument that FAS and FAZ will actually go to zero.

    It's not like FAS/FAZ point to a specific set of options. These guys are updated and re-hedged every day.

    I seriously doubt there's an on-going "decay factor" that can be counted on.
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