What do you think of this story?

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    What do you think of this story? It is a true story that I heard both from my wife and from her mother.

    My wife’s grandmother, Mary, lived in a poor third world country in the early half of last century. One night she had a dream of a middle-aged woman in colorful clothes came to her, crying, asking her to save her life.

    Mary is disturbed by the dream. So she got up early and sat outside her house, watching people passing by on the street. There are men and women, but there is not a woman in colorful clothes coming to her asking for help. In the afternoon, Mary saw a man with a cow. The cow has large colorful spots on her body. So Mary stopped the man and asked where they are heading. The man said he is going to the butcher to have the cow slaughtered.

    Mary’s family has some money, so she insisted they buy the cow, and they did. They fed and took care of the cow until it died several years later.

    I personally find this story very moving.
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    That's pretty f*cked up !! Anyway, I've been moved to go get lunch, off to MCD for a nice juicy burger:p

  3. well, nice story...and, as someone who doesn't eat meat, i'm against slaughtering animals. however, people have a tendency to claim things are extraordinary/miracles/whatever.

    if she had that dream and went outside, of course she'd look for any colorful living thing she could find. and yeah, she'd probably find something eventually.

    so, nice story, and i'm against slaughtering animals, but it's no miracle or anything.
  4. hey man, i ate a veggie burger for dinner tonight. it was actually my first one. with swiss cheese and a slab of onion. pickles, too. bread 'n' butter.

    it was good. i admit.
  5. Vegetarians have no problem eatting plants because they don't feel that plants are living organisms. Its ok to grow plants in the ground and then chop them up and eat them, but it is a mortal sin to slice and dice a cow.

    So it would seem that the more evolved the organism is or the higher up on the food chain, the more evil it is to kill it and eat it.

    I'd like to see some vegetarians go out to the African plains and ask the tigers to stop killing the zebras for food.

    Its a food chain! Eat the things below you! We're on top -- enjoy it! (Unless you're camping in the forests of Montana and you happen to piss off a Grizley bear while unarmed).
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    Vegetarians suck as traders GG. You've got to learn that you're a PREDATOR!!:D