What do you think of this guy for president?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by morganist, May 17, 2011.

  1. Roark


    You really think this belongs in economics? He has too much baggage, more than Sarah Palin even. Next.
  2. No chance
  3. He blew his wad as speaker of the house years ago. Probably capable to be president but being "capable" is low priority.

    We need someone who has the star quality of a one armed albino lesbian octopus, you know, someone who appeals to anyone other than white people.

    A white guy in a suit, need not apply.
  4. I think that will change after another year with Obama.
  5. JamesL


    I think you have no opinion in the matter since you are based in Europe.
  6. I think his opinion is important.

    Actually, I consider the opinion of other countries and who they would like to see for President in the US very important.
  7. They should like to see someone like Ron Paul, Gary Johnson.... whether they know it or not.
  8. Ricter


    Why wouldn't an albino appeal to white people?
  9. I think he would be one of the best qualified candidates, but lots of people think he has too much "baggage"... something about his prior marriages, I've heard.

    We Americans are naive, greedy, and stupid. We don't elect the best candidate, we elect the one with the catchiest slogan, prettiest face, most outrageous false promises... things like that.
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