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    My trading department is trying to reduce cost by automating some single stock trading to an algo system. We might start some index arbitrage business in the second half year as well. What seem to attract us are:

    1) FIX supports
    2) The GUI looks decent
    3) It seem to be quite easy to develop new trading strategy.

    Our tech guys have done their evaluation. I would like to hear about others opinions as well.


  2. No FAST?
  3. The website is either broken or has bad links:




    That's either someone being lazy or a new hack shop trying to enter the market.

    I'd be skeptical of ANY provider that need to run on their own (3rd party to the customer) servers.

    Why would I send my orders to them when I can run code (like Tradelink) directly on my machine and send orders directly to my broker? What speed benefit do they provide other than the ability to screw over guys trying to get into the business?

    What single name stocks are you trying to automate?
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    Possibly due to I put a "." at the end of link. This one should work


    They are software vendor not broker. I would like to hear some opinions from people with algo development background.


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    How much does Cyanspring cost, anyway? They seem to have no prices on their website.
  6. Multicharts is better software. EasyLanguage Portfolio Simulations are what you need.
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    Why do you need other "opinions"? You did an evaluation, if the software does what you need, then use it, if not then try something else.
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    RSJ are THE big boys of trading and they just happen to do it by algo s

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    My Multicharts was purchased after two quarterly subscription periods and two trial versions after I switched hard-drives.
    I am excited about the software, but I have some very unique problems with the platform that Multicharts can and, in some cases, cannot reproduce:

    1)My Multicharts does not save my signals or indicators. This is bizarre! I don't know what kind of stupid programmer they had working on this, but I know I'm one of the only ones that has this problem. I have to save my code to word docs, then paste them in every time I start a new session. This sucks! I'm concerned that it won't be possible to ever expect that I won't have to add my strategies, signals, and indicators until they realize that this is one of the stupidest errors I've ever seen in any program. This error is pathetic. It means each time I have to edit code, I must save it to word doc or else risk losing my work and even though I save the files in Multicharts, Multicharts does not save anything I save. Again, it's bizzarre!

    2) I've had difficulty getting Multicharts to connect to PFG Best recently, and as I'd been planning to compete in the World Cup Trading Championships with this software, the experience has not been good in 2012. Basically I have to go to chat every day in the morning just to be able to trick Multicharts into connecting with my broker. This problem appeared in Version 7.4.4906 and is completely unstable. When it does connect, the connection is intermittent with sometimes up to two minutes between connection, disconnection, and re-connection. I've been very patient with this company about their issues, but the first two have been the cause of nearly all of my dissatisfaction.

    3) Specifically trailing stop logic code has a bug in it, and this caused stop orders to be sent above market, running in a string of rejected orders sometimes lasting over 30 minutes with 100's of orders transmitted and immediately rejected. I almost lost trading priveleges at the exchange with this error, as it took up way too much bandwidth and in the new version, I expected that to be fixed, but I don't use trailing stops anymore because the backtesting, even with look-inside-bar, does not produce dissimilar results, and is also another bug.

    4) The Genetic Optimization Algorithm built-into Multicharts is top notch, and the way I use it is to start with a range of values, and narrow it down to a small enough range
    etc etc etc

    Have they suddenly improved ?
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