What do you think of the CMT (Chartered Market Technician) certification?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Bladen, May 28, 2004.

  1. Bladen


    Im thinking of signing up for the level one test, mostly to force myself to learn the material and a few more letters after my name couldnt hurt. But does the CMT carry any weight in the business world? Is it one of those tests like the CFA that 60% fail? Any study groups outh there? Anyone take it already?
  2. yesguy


    1. It is a good way to force yourself to study.

    2. Not sure if it carries anyweight. Mostly leads to "why did you take it" questions

    3.Not sure about the pass rate.

    Having completed all 3 levels of the CFA and first level of CMT i would say the CFA is more challenging.

    As for job opps, both dont ensure anything, I think they just help you present a balanced CV to you prospective employer.
  3. c_verm


    I am currently taking the CMT program. Its really nothing special as far as getting a better job, but its another feather under your hat along with a tone of market education which should improve you trading greatly. Im taking the program just for the heck of it, Its something to do, and market education will never hurt you. I also would like to havea few letter after my name :) If you want a study partner just pm me.
  4. lyfegrd


    If you mention CMT, even to someone in the industry, generally you will see a puzzled look on their face. The biggest reason for this is because of the lack of awareness of what Technical Analysis is. Most feel that it is a form of voodoo, however if you boil down technical Analysis to its basic form it is simply looking at statistical data over a given period of time in an effort to improve your probability of successful trades based on tested trading methods. Technical Analysts simply look at the data on charts vs balance sheets and cash flow statements.

    With that said, I have to say that I am in the industry and also an affiliate of the Market Technicians Association, who administers the CMT program. Currently I am preparing to take level two in the fall. Personally I am doing this for professional advancement throughout my financial services career, however this is not the only certification that I will pin that on. Many industry professionals actually carry two certifications, as an example John Bollinger(creator of Bollinger Bands, and president of his own capital management firm) carries both the CFA and the CMT.

    Ultimately you would have to decide where you want to go through your career, and determine what certifications, if any, would show your potential employer(s) your competencies in the area for which you are applying.

    As far as the program is concerned, you should expect to pay annual fees(about 400.00) to be an affiliate of the MTA during your testing period, which they give you up to five years to complete. There are benefits associated with this fee, such as a website with links to help you in your studying, discounts on various industry magazines and trading/TA software. As far as the passing rate. My level one exam, about 70% passed, and colleagues of mine that took level II said about 50% passed.

    If you have any other questions please feel free to PM me.