What do you think of IBKR - long?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by 4XIS4U, Dec 10, 2007.

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  2. lol, a little late, even if he's right. I called this a buy in the low 20's
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    Well, at least the guy has a post on his call on the date he called... do you have a blog or site?

    This is like buying an used car... people will always say they bought it cheaper.. trade is about making money in between, not at the bottom / tops... IMO :D
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    Stock, after reading your post I went look for the chart and looks like you are REAL good because IBKR only reached low 20s for maybe 2-3 days... wow! I'm impressed....
  5. Stock looks like a good long entry on the daily chart. Good volume today, too.
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    Wow, IBKR up to 32. All the negativity on this forum about the little stock, but it just keep chugging along higher.
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  8. It's precisely because of the complaints at ET...
    That IBKR is gonna keep chugging higher.

    You see...
    IB couldn't care less about it's Customers or employees.

    There are ruthlessly focused on keeping profit margins at roughly 50%...
    Which is the root cause of all the Customer complaints...
    Not enough employees/Customer.
  9. I think it's a good thing for IB if all the newbies that need hand holding are leaving. Likely - on average - their accounts tend to be tiny and they don't generate much in commissions for IB anyways. If they can concentrate on the "pro-amateur" traders that know what they're doing IB can still get a lot of business. I think it's a great strategy. All the low-margin retail crowd can goto E-Trade, Ameritrade with their buy and hold 401k portfolios.
  10. They're all right. I admit that I sat on their customer support line for about 45 minutes waiting for somebody once, but when I finally got through, the person that helped me was extremely helpful and answered my question thoroughly and even gave me additional information that greatly helped me out when I was trying to understand something about their platform.
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