what do you think of china's future?

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what do you think of china's future

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  1. people engaging in speculation field are the cleverest men with the best insight.so,i want to know about your ideas about china,thanks
  2. They have the capability to "knock out" satellites which would virtually cripple tracking and communications for certain world powers.

    From that perspective, I think their future looks pretty damn bright.
  3. Re manufacturing/ growth: China is like USA of 40's 50's. Benefit of most US co's doing business? There are zero legacy costs. If it cost the Chinese govt a dime to save a life they won't, a penny? Maybe.
  4. The USA democrats might protect USA jobs and business. China might not be as prosperous after the next USA presidential election.
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    China only has so much room to grow and i think it's a lot less than people think. the concentration of wealth will be kept to the wealthy. china might have a booming economy...but when you realize that in order to stay a competitive nation they need to keep a large portion of their population working live slaves and getting paid the same you'll consider that the way China is getting ahead is pretty sickening.

    The government doesn't really give a shit about the poor in the country...doesn't care about Taiwan, Tibet, etc. Their government is really messed up and investing there seems to me like a recipe for disaster...at least at the valuation currently being given to Chinese companies that aren't making 1/100th of the money they're being valued at.

    Their currency games are silly and the US should really adjust taxation to Chinese imports. I'd personally rather see more products coming from Mexico, India, and other SE Asian countries...there is no shortage of cheap labor in those countries either and supporting the Chinese government in as many ways as we are is a mandate to get screwed.:confused:
  6. Chinas growth is directly proportional to its infrastructure. It's pretty hard transporting todays economy on the back of a bicycle. They are also only one step away from Chairman Mao, and could socialize every foreign investment.
    These are the 2 biggest road blocks that I see.
  7. Notice how fast WMT was unionized in China? Socialization through the back door.
  8. China's growth is almost all but assured. The greatest risks to China come from within, however.

    I have posted this before,but the current incarnation of the communist party's hold on power is somewhat tenacious and could potentially be lost if the people stop supporting them.. The replacement would be considerably more hard-line and in such an instance, I'd probably be happy with whatever of my money I could pull out of there before the value of my investment went to zero.

    From a geo-political perspective, US-China business & investment relationships probably do more to prop up the current moderates allowing them to build new infrastructure ad housing with jobs for their population. There is a definate trickle-down effect as some savings is returned to the rural dwellers by their children

    Finally, the new generation of party members are hardly idealogues, self-admittedly.

    Which means that they are a lot like US..
  9. Excellent Commentary

    One point of view is such that if China allows for a stock market similar to that of the US ...or actually intermingles...then as long as their comparative advantages do not change in a lessor manner...then their markets will further their overall valuations...

    To date there is no other mechanism that allows for higher values which can be publicly distributed...

    In a simplified sense....if China is making homogeneous autos as compared to those of Europe ..Japan...US...then an investor would certainly think harder about placing money in the most efficient and dominant peer....
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