What do you think of Ashley's music?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Hook N. Sinker, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Hmmm, I would say keep the day job.
  2. Lucrum


    She certainly sings better than I do, but that's not saying much.
  3. Dude she's a fuckin hooker.

    A prostitute. A slut.

    She is taking advantage of this situation to the fullest extent possible. If her music gets popular, which wouldn't be a surprise because mediocre music takes off all the time, just think how many little girls will be listening to it and thinking it's cool to be a hooker. I thought glorifying drugs and spinner rims was bad enough. Now it'll be little girls wanting to be real live prostitutes when they grow up.

    P.S. She sounds like she smokes too much.
  4. Her "day job" is sucking dick.
  5. Lucrum


    And from what I understand it pays pretty well.
  6. ROFL, that was clever :D

    she sucks at her dayjob too :D
  7. But for the Grace of God Go I......

    Be nice to her. She's obviously mixed up,needs some direction. She had a tough childhood, and she's got such nice tits.
  8. almost everyone's integrity is compromised by money whether consciously or not. her "career" is seen as much worse than sucking penis to gather assets or marry up or whatever????
  9. hcour

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    $.98 for that crap? Her music is as overpriced as her thang.

    I hope she's a better lay than she is musician.

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