What do you think of Amazon's "Kindle"

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  1. maxpi


    I like it, just from reading about it. No hookup costs, wireless anywhere, holds 200 books, easy on the eyes, good battery life... Unless some reviews come out that are really negative I've gotta have one... and I'm not gadget happy at all...
  2. The only downside as of now is probably content..

    Would I be able to buy, say, "reminisce of a stock operator" not sure?

    Over time, everything will be digitized and available but who knows how long that will take..
  3. My guess is that they made it plain looking so you wouldn't be distracted while reading.

    Next year they will probably introduce "Kindle covers". Flashy colored slip on covers with bling-bling to impress all your friends.

  4. maxpi


    Currently, best sellers are nearly all available and a few thousand more titles. I suppose that lots of books are in electronic format somewhere already? Maybe they have to scan books onto their servers or something but that doesn't seem like a large enough obstacle to stop a well funded and well conceived project....

    The Kindle was the cover story for Time or one of those national mags... it's not going unnoticed..

    Reviewers are pointing out the past failures of even great ebook readers as in the Sony one... the thing is, the Kindle is Amazon for my backpack... I have a backpack with a camera and whatnot that I grab anytime I go anywhere, the Kindle and the related ubiquitous service would be such an incredible enhancement to the backpack .....
  5. Skog




    Amazon has quite a number of titles in the finance/trading genre ready for the Kindle gadget...

    Just do a quick search here and I'm sure you'll find something for your liking:

    Now if they just could introduce this device in Europe in the near future... But this is probably not going to happen...

    Sure, we have other ebook readers we can use, but none with the same connectivity to a book-database of Amazon.com magnitude...


  6. Pekelo


    For a number of reasons, I think eventually this device will flop, just like any other similar ones before:

    -- too expensive
    -- no colors (should be an option)
    -- most people (kids specially) don't like to read and if they do, they prefer real paper
    -- if you lose a book on vacation, you lose 6-20 bucks, if you lose this, you lose $400 + any downloaded books' value
    -- etc.
  7. lwlee


    They should have given it to Apple to design.

    Function may be okay but the form is horrible.

    Electronic ink is amazing technology but if Apple had designed it, the screen would have been bigger. Usability would have been much better.

    The thing reminds me of one of those cheap electronic game gadgets you can get at KB Toys or Toys R Us.

    I'm in the market for a PDF reader. I've decided on a 8mb IPod Touch. I'm gonna jailbreak it and use it to store and read PDFs.
  8. lwlee


    I'm typing from my new iPod touch. :)

    I can trade from fidelity.com. Too cool.
  9. Agree. Honestly, how many books can you read at a time anyway? How many people will carry 20 books to a vacation?

    Besides, this POS is grossly overpriced. You can buy a lot of books for $399.
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