What do you think about this deal?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Riskmanager, Jul 10, 2005.

  1. I'm in contact with a brokerage, and the CEO told me about a new product they're about to launch.
    I'm now interested in your opinions about it - pros & cons etc.

    Product specs.:
    - 100.000US $ invested for 10 years, annual yield of 3.5% guaranteed through a european tier one bank
    - 30.000 € instantly available for trading. Either the customer trades this or the trading department.

    It's basically the idea to guarantee the client the impossibility of losses upon the initial investment of 100.000$, but that profits are not guaranteed and total loss is limited to the 30.000 €.
    The worst case would be that his initial investment of 100.000$ would be bound for 10 years at a fixed rate of 3,5% and the best case scenario OTOH would be that additional trading profits upon the 30.000€ would be achieved.

    What do you think about this deal?
  2. Crappy Deal!!!

    Why don't you just put the $100,000 in 10yr treasuries(100% guaranteed safe) at 4% instead of 3.5%. Treasurie bonds are marginable so you can use them as colateral for $36,000 worth of buying power to trade with if you want to.
  3. Thanks for your opinion.

    This product is aimed at european customers. They invest 100.000$ (currently worth ~85.000€) and get 30.000 Euros to trade with.