What do you think about Shark Traders

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  1. Hi guys
    I'm going to open an account with Shark Traders prop firm. Did you hear anything about it?
    And the second question. Does anyone use Takion platform? Are there any problems with it i should know about? Thanks
  2. Never heard of them.

    Whats the URL for their website?
  3. How does one get the takion platform for their firm?
  4. Can't seem to find a website for them and haven't seen any reviews about them. You are better off going with a firm that has been reviewed.
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  5. dealmaker


    Did you do your due diligence and did you notice they are based in Russia?
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  6. kut2k2



    Yeah, can't think of a better way to go than a trading firm named after an apex predator and based in a kleptocracy. :p
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  7. I've been trading with Shark for almost 3 months and these guys seem to be ok. Still they don't have traders' chat and account manager is quite slow sometimes. But i get free news and quick tech support instead. Their boss is Russian but who cares? Probably they started their business in Russia and moved worldwide; i did wire and they have Cyprus bank, got charged fee of 45 bucks. Takion is just perfect
  8. dealmaker


    You seem oblivious to what happened to more than one Forex Firm whose accounts were in Cyprus, during the Cypriot credit crisis....
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  9. zdreg


    why didn't you google them?
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