What do you think about Jim Cramer?

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What do you think about Jim Cramer?

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  1. Positive. He provided good advice in his show esp. on CNBC

    7 vote(s)
  2. Negative. He provided misleading advice in his show

    30 vote(s)
  3. Neutral

    12 vote(s)
  4. I don't know him

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    • Positive. He provided good advice in his show esp. on CNBC
    • Negative. He provided misleading advice in his show
    • Neutral
    • I don't know him
  1. He's right about 45% of the time which makes him overall a loser, but not so much of a loser than you can fade him 100% of the time. He sucks even at sucking.
  2. He's just earning a living like everybody else.

    But yeah, his advice won't make you beat the market.
  3. I think he is a lot deeper than most people see on the surface... he is very well read.. knowledgeable about a lot of subjects - mentally fast as lightening and extremely successful at trading... (he made a lot of money trading his own account and a hedge fund account but not sure about his calls on TV for others...)

    <FONT SIZE =4>BUT !!</font>

    If you read his book "Confessions of a Street Addict" he point blank explains how he violated security laws (SEC rules insider trading and what not) to succeed and he
    should have gone to jail or be in jail for the Securities Laws that he violated...

    ...that or the SEC rules MEAN nothing... the book is a confession of unlawful rule breaking...

    I was astonished at what i read in his book after reading and studying Series 7 info...

    what a joke... the times we live in... its like they took 'accountability' out back and shot em', burned em'and buried em'... without even a headstone...

    HAVE STOP <img src="http://www.enflow.com/p.gif"> WILL TRADE
  4. A trading system can be right 45% of the time and still make very good money providing your stops are properly set and your profit per trade exceeds your loss per trade by a sufficient amount.

    This is not an endorsement of the "bald one". I don't follow him at all.
  5. hughb


    I like the guy. He's full of enthusiasm for the markets just like me. Why does everybody think they have to either follow or ignore his advice? I do neither. I like listening to him because he likes talking about the markets. Why would someone who likes the markets not like talking and listening about it?
  6. Go under the underpass of any major thouroughfare. They will talk to you about the markets. One bottle of Mad Dog, they'll talk they ass off.

    Don't you have to be right occasionally? When he can't steal, he has no edge.
  7. He can’t trade a bear market. He killed people on the naz bubble when it popped. I think if you like the show watch it but don't do stuff because he said it on his show.
  8. Will Rogers never met Jim Cramer.
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