What do you see happening with wheat or soybeans

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    Do you think they are going to sell off?
  2. kanellop


    Hello Sir.

    Regular after such raise the Common will be to drop sharply both Wheat and Soybeans.

    But Sir, this Situation is something that someone can difficult to guess clear what will happen.

    Light to someone can give the Fundamental News which are some Bullish for the Wheat and Soybeans.

    Light can give the News for Weather and Drought.

    Light can give the Countries rules that eliminate Import Taxes and raise the Export Taxes. Also oter News from Countries can help to the decissions.

    Also Light can give the Self Discipline that have a Person.

    If someone is Self Discipline which is very difficult in these Market Conditions will avoid extremely huge Losses.

    George Kanellopoulos.
  3. WHAT? You might be in the wrong forum/site/world!
  4. what is that guy smoking?

    on the actual topic on hand... i think they will continue higher. Global demand is just to strong.
  5. commoditiestrdr

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    Do you think a short term correction is coming
  6. kanellop


    I see your Message.

    I will stay to write your opinion too, Sir.

    George Kanellopoulos.
  7. kanellop


    Dear Sir,

    In the meanwhile i have find an interesting Article in the Greek Language which i translated in the English.

    Here it is:

    Possible cutback of 1 million Tonnes of cereal production due to drought in India 11/02/2008

    The drought prevailing in recent months in India was likely to lead to a reduction of 1 million Tonnes of new crop grain in the country, announced the Ministry of Agriculture of India.

    The expected reduction in cereal production, estimated to be helped to raise up to a doubling of imports in the country, which is the second largest consumer of grain in the world.

    In addition, it can sustain a further increase in world prices of grain, which in recent days continue to makes rally in international commodity markets.
    Indeed, the day before yesterday at the Chicago Board of Trade, the price of wheat broke every previous record.

    George Kanellopoulos.