What do you pay for arca, inet book?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by listedguru, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. What are you guys currently paying for the arca and new inet singlebook (or whatever it's called)? I've heard several different numbers tossed around...

    For non pro's I think arcabook is $10/mo and singlebook is $14/mo? Not sure about the numbers for pro's. Oh and nasdaq totalview is another $14/mo I believe????


    P.S. I sure hope they don't keep finding ways to nickle and dime us. Ahhh I can still remember the good old days, lol....

  2. Since the nasdaq ECN consolidation, Total view doesn't seem worth it anymore, as most MM'er will have islds accompanying them on the L2 box (w/ the exception of UBSS for whatever reason).

    I set my L2 box up using depth of book, so if a MM'er is chiseling or covering himself up, I can still see his order as a large isld offer through.
  3. i will subscribe to arca on monday...cant keep tradin' without seein' the inside quotes especially durin' extended hours. am left to do a guessin' game with my orders; unacceptable.
  4. You be owned.