What do you know, what do you think you know, after 15 years of successful trading, I

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  1. After 15 years of successful trading, I still don't know anything, I just recently discovered a way to streamline my trading greatly after many years. I see people on message board like ET suggest that day trading is better or that swing is better. Something can only be better presuming you know everything about it. To me at least it is clear that I know nothing.

    besides, life is too short anyway to really learn something completely :)
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  2. There are two types of traders... "Those who don't know", and "Those who don't know they don't know"... you are apparently a leg up on the second group.
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    "True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing. And in knowing that you know nothing, that makes you the smartest of all." Socrates
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    I streamlined my trading by losing 10 lbs.

  5. Trading is just market timing. It's not some mysterious, elusive enigma that can be be mastered by finding the holy grail. You just learn what makes the market fluctuate within different time frames.
  6. Are we in a "philosophy" forum?

    After 15 years of "successful" trading, you still "don't know ANYTHING"? I don't know if you are being extremely modest or what.

    Exactly: What is the purpose of your post?
  7. I thought I made it clear, I don't know if what I do now is completely idiotic and inferior compared to what I may know in the future. In the same way you may live in USA lets say, but tomorrow you might find out that you live in a sealed chamber and machines are projecting matrix USA into your head :D
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    Wait until you start getting PM's from NONOTHING via his multiple handles.
    He makes Hormel spam a look good

  9. well, i don't know if i know nothing. but i do know i don't know things i don't know. and the things I do know I know that I know them. know what I mean?? ( whew, after that I don't know if I spelled "know" correctly- I know the spelling "know" sure looks weird.)
  10. I don't know which is worse: have a wino troll who comes out in the middle of night and challenge you to a dual, or a philosophy professor who comes out in broad daylight to talk in circles.

    I don't read ET to waste time. Unfortunately there are people in this world whose goal in life is to do just that: to waste your time.
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