What do you know about these trader

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    There are 3 trader wich localy i found good reviews im now looking to see what you guys think.

    Mircea Dologa andrews pitchfork
    Dan Valcu heiken ashin (how to trade without candles
    Joe Ross i got mixed rewievs about him some said he fixed results some not

    Out of these 3 wich do you think are good wich not?

    I also found at an international level some called Lex Van Dam apperently he still manages an almost 1 bn hedge fund do you know any other such traders that offers seminars?
  2. All three are crap.

    Why are you asking?
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    They give trading seminars and i was wondering if i should attend.But judeging by the simplisity and honesty of youre answers i belive i won`t :)) attend
  4. Stay as far away from Joe Ross as you can. Back in the days before the Internet there was Club 3000. From that bi-weekly newsletter it was discussed how Joe Ross learned how to trade from that guy in the cowboy hat who was an omnipotent promoter himself back in the days. Can't recall the cowboy's name but it was Ken something. The thing about Ross was never ever could he produce a multi-year real money trading record of success. His stuff is just an expensive synchronization of others.

    Edit: Cowboy promoter was Ken Roberts. Old timers remember him well and not so fondly.