what do you know..a bunch of religious people killed eachother

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  1. Religious people don't kill each other. People may kill each other in the name of their respective religious beliefs, but that certainly is not the fault of the religion, any more than the gun is the cause of the killing----someone had to pull the trigger, right?

    When freedom of religion is outlawed, only outlaws will practice freedom of religion.
  2. Religion used as a weapon. It's still deadly.
  3. Nothing is as deadly as what people are willing to sacrifice their lives for.
  4. bronks


    And muslims...oops... people never sacrifice their lives now do they.
  5. Red Cross workers said last night that at least 215 people had been killed in the rioting, sparked by a newspaper article on the pageant which had angered Muslims.

    "What has happened is a bit of a shame because the international press has highlighted a little incidence of some rioting way out of all proportion," Guy Murray-Bruce, the director of Miss World Nigeria, said.

    215 people brutally killed, described as "a little incident". Cute.
  6. People are willing to sacrifice their lives for religion.

    Which brings us back to the original statement:
    "what do you know..a bunch of religious people killed eachother".

    However, the victims in Nigeria were not "willing to sacrifice their lives", they were just innocent bystanders who happened to be in the wrong place when a bunch of violent people went wild.
  7. Religious fanatics are the victims of a different kind of death than the innocent bystanders.
  8. I don't really know what you mean.

    The descriptions of the burnings and beatings and stabbings in Nigeria was pretty gruesome. Who was killed? Anyone who happened to be in the wrong place when the mob appeared.
  9. what the hell were the organizers thinking holding a beauty pageant in that backwater piece of shit muslim hell hole Nigeria anyway????

    getting ahead of themselves by about 50 years, at least, weren't they...

    PS - hey gekko. reading the new zealand herald now? lol

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