What do you have around your desk?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by rabmanducky, Jul 11, 2006.

  1. crap
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  2. A real Steinberger or one of those remakes from musicyo?
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  3. Real ones, made in NY, before those Gibson morons bought them out and screwed up the finest Guitar ever made. GM2TA and GL4TA, they found their way in the UK via German women. Both of them. Go figure...
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  4. Nice.
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  5. dac8555


    a couple of ugly co-workers... :)
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  6. It's an "L"-shaped desk with three computers - one 4GB XP (two monitors), one 512MB XP, one 512MB XP notebook. A 13" television mounted above the monitors. Four speakers. A scanner, copier, printer machine.

    Post-it notes posted all over the office. Several pens, highlighters, legal pads, markers, dry erase markers, two dry erase boards, a stapler, rifle, file cabinets, etc.

    Two lamps, two globes, three putters, a sand wedge, a bucket of ice, and a bag of golf balls.

    A microfiber chair and ottoman. A bookshelf (filled with old college textbooks, and useless newbie/intro trading books from the pre-bubble era) An uncomfortable office chair that looks pretty comfortable but really isn't (keeps me on my feet and active, blood pumps better when you're pacing the room) Free weights (I stole them from a garage sale, so they were free to me... Oh c'mon, that was pretty good)

    Lots of playing cards. A diverse collection of magazines like MotorTrend, Road&Track, Playboy, SFO, Futures, Trader Mo, Sky Mall mags, ESPN the Mag, the current week of Wall Street Journals, and other random and generally useless crappy media print.

    Guitar, Sitar, Viola, and Cello. (not quite as hip as turntables, but 50 Cent's entourage isn't exactly changalangin' at my hotspot, Skeeter. Ya know?)

    46 gallon bowed front aquarium/paludarium with a couple dozen Red Efts/Eastern Newts (no they're not for sale, yes they glow under blacklight, no you won't experience a psychedelic trip after licking their back, and yes licking their backs is violently vomit inducing, kind of like licking a 9-volt battery whilst urinating on an electric cattle fence...)

    Absinthe, Vodka, Gin, Rum, Jagermeister, Whine*, whiskey glasses, shooters, and several empty bottles of Vicodin. (*pretty clever, huh?) And the answer is No. I don't drink while trading, (unless I've already vomited and gone to cash in the intra-day accounts) I don't start until Cramer comes on. He is one goofy bastard to laugh at when you're drunk.

    Note: did you see any cell phones or telephones listed? Hmmm...

    As pertaining to the dust problem, I like using Pledge with disposable rags, and static dust towels for cleaning the electronics. I guess I like cleanliness, but hey, that's just me.

    Oh by the way, Ionic Breeze purifiers and similar air purifiers release excessive levels of ozone, which is very dangerous to humans. Most people don't know that, but if filtering the air of dust means subjecting myself to dangerous levels of ozone, I'm not jumping on the bandwagon for that one. I'll just stick to pissing on electric fences and licking amphibians... :D
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  7. Why is it I always seem to be the one who kills threads? One long post and nobody posts another word...

    I mean, it's not like I'm licking electric fences and pissing on amphibians or anything... :D
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    These came in handy this past week.
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  10. It looks like an 8' x 10', so probably one of the white collar minimum security facilities...

    That's great and all, but if I were going to bang something in an office, I think I'd rather bang something in bigmrfrank's office.

    You, Me, Equalizer, and JMowery1987 could start a Styx cover band and play live sets over the net. Wadda ya think? Domo... Cool huh?

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