What do you have around your desk?

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  1. Mr B

    Mr B

    2 order book screens
    2 CQG screens
    Bloomberg machine - 2 more screens

    3 frickin keyboards and 3 mice

    all in a rather stylish shade of black

    notepad, pen which I stole from CBOT
    big set of squawk headphones
    coffee mug, stolen from CBOT
    plastic cup for water
    phone I never use
    copy of Vadym Graifer's techniques of Tape reading

    various post it notes stuck all over the screens saying things like "take your breaks you muppet!"

    metal filing cabinet that contains: olive oil (not mine), toothbrush (not mine), a load of trainee stuff (possibly mine from aeons ago), calculator (mine).

    the desk beside me has no person, but 3 motorcycle helmets of varying gayness, about 20 umbrellas (Ireland being the only country where having 2 umbrellas per person is not considered weird), and um, a horn, which you're supposed to honk if you break a new record (but nobody does cos it's really annoying, it's the sort of thing that would get you a round of applause in America but here you just get pelted with stationery based missiles).

    oh yeah and there's a large tv above my head with bloody bloomberg on it. always had a thing for that girl who does the news.

    there is a plant right beside me that's actually rented off a company called Plant Life, why they can't just buy one I don't know. it has a funky looking twisted trunk though - like braided hair, except wooden.

    very envious of the guy who has turntables in his room.
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  2. DaveWeis


    Random Pens, paper, and garbage..I do everything on the computer so I never actually write anything down..
    I have two cerwin vega towers with 15" subs and and an external HD with about 200 gigs of music on it..a modded xbox on the floor with a handful of games. I think thats about it..
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  3. Banjo


    Get one of those air filter , purifiers like they sell on sharper image, they work. If the carpet is old , that will help, re: wood floors.
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  4. Ionic Breeze from sharper image.........wife bought two because I smoke like a chimney (inside) when she is at work. it does wonders with the smoke, and dust is basically a thing of the past.

    By the way, my desk......ashtray, pack of smokes, lighter, sticky notes that could wallpaper a cathedral.
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  5. r-in


    Thanks for the tips! I thought I read that some of those air purifiers were bad for you for some reason. Something to do with ozone I think. Any thoughts on that?
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  6. My amps and my guitars. Alex, Sammy, and Michael are around always looking to jam. Dart board of David Lee and Valerie.
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. 8 ball{the kind to answer questions ,not coke} , chinese massage balls, authentic enron stress ball, mini thailand Buddha, and picking up a staples easy button this week.
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  9. A bonsai tree. Reminds me the value of patience.

    I would like this for a backyard:


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  10. Current setup:

    - HP 15C
    - 3 x 20" LCD screens
    - PC (servers are in other room)
    - Keyboard
    - Mouse
    - Laptop (for surfing)
    - Picture of the missus
    - Stratocaster and Steinberger (Guitars)
    - Riedel Glass
    - Chabot Armagnac

    and some shitty TA books for monitor stands :p
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