What do you have around your desk?

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  1. Hopefully no one, I don't think anyone would be stupid enough.

    Hehe, god I love ET.

    Way too many newbies have been PM'ing me lately, I figure what better way to make it stop then draw that. :D


    Also, if you claim ET is a bitch-fest. Why are you bitching thunder? (Oh god the IRONY!!!)

    Stupidity, I can't solve it, but I can point it out..... classic. :cool:

    Oh yeah, I have my cat that tags along when I'm trading, but he is not in the room right now, :D
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  2. Banjo


    You are approaching my level of relaxed trading. Look into a chaise lounge, a double so you can both lay on it, that will help sell her on the idea. Some adjust electrically so they can go almost flat. Get a few pair of comfy sports pants and iron on or sew velcro to the upper thighs, glue the other half of the velcro to the back of the keyboard. This way when you are kicking back put your knees up and the keyboard just sticks there in front of you. I have floor to cieling 3" poles on both sides of the chaise ( emt electrical conduit, strong and cheap) with two 3/4 " edge banded birch ply shelves on each pole. The bottom shelves fold in at chaise level and are used for books, drinks , papers, etc. The top ones fold in above our legs and in front of us as a table for eating , when sitting up I place the keyboard on it. Also, there should be a small fridge in the room.
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  3. you are kidding right
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  4. r-in


    I think this exemplifies a ROFL moment. It would appear you are what you write! I didn't notice any bitching in the thread till you showed. From the title of the thread you should be able to discern that perhaps its not meant to be a serious thought provoking thread. On the other hand possibly for you it is.
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  5. You are what you write

    I love it

    Well, I'm off to my sisters place to eat spaghetti, that should be fun.

    Ciao ET.
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  6. 1. Index cards

    2. a red, black and blue markers (I tried to get a pen with white ink, but I could not find black index cards :mad: )

    3. cell phone with broker on speed dial

    4. A second monitor I got a month back (samsung 930B)

    5. Journal where I track paper, and real trades

    6. Calculator

    7. Plate of left-over food thats been crusted on there from a like a week ago.

    8. 2 inces thick of dust that has accumulated around my desk. During boring times I like to draw things in the dust with my fingers. Try it :)
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  7. r-in


    Speaking of dust, anyone here come up with a decent way to control it? My office is a dust magent and it drives me nuts. I'm going to try pulling the carpet and putting in wood floors, but what else can you do?
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  8. That would be Steve Austin Pissamonte or whatever his name is.

    You know, the Six Million Dollar Man.

    But if you go listen to one of his video "lessons", you will see that
    HE is actually the biggest BitchFester that ever lived...
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  9. concubines. :D
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  10. ==============
    Pens, pencils & notebook paper, Andes mountain picture;
    Jack Schwager 3 top trader books/library.

    Things on notebook paper, like;'
    open, close price.
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