What do you have around your desk?

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  1. I think I can squeeze you in on the other side of the pole.
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  2. One hitter....
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  3. List in no particular order:
    Carmen Electra Poster
    Cups, lots of them for drinking lots of water
    Pens, packs of pens, tons of pens
    Mail, MAIL!! I hate mail
    A webcam that I bought and never used, with the exception of the mic attached to it
    A printer, that I have not used in over a year because it was a piece of junk
    More mail
    2 speakers for which I jam to and play some Battlefield 2 sometimes
    A few candles
    A scanner that I bought and only used maybe 4 times
    My modem down below.
    My custom built pc with the cathode lights and huge fans and blue illuminating from it
    Bank statements
    My bank of america credit card that I recently got, woho.

    Bunch of books including:
    The Stock Market Course
    Come Into My Trading Room
    Short-Term Trading in the New Stock Market
    Bible to C++
    3D Modeling in Maya
    New Market Wizards
    Trading in the Zone

    About 100+ cd-rom games including my recent favorite, Football (Soccer) Manager 2006.

    A ton of those plastic thingies that come from NetFlix and Gamefly for rentals.

    My Xbox that I play maybe once a week (Winning Eleven 9 *Soccer*)
    My PS2 that I haven't played for at least 6 months.
    The 40+ video games for both systems.

    My car keys
    My wallet which has about 20 receipts, a single 20 dollar bill (I never carry around more than $20, most the reciepts are from the bank of me withdrawing $20), my license, my Bank of America Gold Card, my Citizens National Bank debit/check card, my Progressive insurance card, and my Tidewater Community College student card.
    My cell phone which has been taking a beating and wearing down, and I will be purchasing a new phone soon with a new plan, this time 1 year, not 2 agreement.

    A little postcard type thing from eSignal advertising eSignal 8.0, HAHA, I wrote on it "F*** You Esingal, you bastards" and I think I'm going to hang it up on the wall to remind me how much I hate eSignal and pay them back for what they did.

    Then I have my 17" Dell monitor I purchased in April that is looking good, and soon to have a brother come along to help me.

    My Jerome Bettis bobble head
    My poster of Ben Roethlisberger & Jerome Bettis & Hines Ward
    A lava lamp that looks like something inappropriate that I never plugged in.
    A poster of a 2006 Dodge Charger & a concept drawing of the 2007 Camero & A 2005 Mustang GT
    Steelers 2005/2006 Superbowl Champs! Poster

    My bed
    My dresser
    My turntables for when I mess around with music
    My keyboard
    My 28" TV to which I hardly use beyond being tuned into ESPN, ESPN2, Speed Channel, and Comedy Central.

    My clothes with a jam packed closet

    Hmmm, good stuff.

    That is the grand tour.

    Admission is $5!


    There is no comparison, I win!
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  4. that is alot of stuff on the table. Don't you find it very cluttered.

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  5. lol, not all of that is on my desk, the OP said around the desk, so I included everything around my desk too :p

    I clean once every weekend, but by the end of the week, it's a disaster, an ongoing struggle.

    I don't have much space to put things at all. I'm going to be going to buy some filing cabinets soon, and just put all the important mail in there. I never used to get that much mail until I started trading, now I get so much stuff.

    By friday it will look like a tornado wreck, by Sunday it will look decent :p

    There is no corner of any wall in my room that is clear. Dresser, bookshelf, TV, Bed, table with turntables, Keyboard, trashcan, chair in another corner, then closet that is jam packed, and the door space which is clear.

    It's like being boxed in, with only a door space to get out.

    Hehe, but I'm used to it. One day when I'm living in that mansion I dreamed of, *cough, hah*, things will be different :D

    This is exactly why I don't buy new things very often. It's very easy for me to save up my money when I have no where to put anything new that I might buy, so I guess it works out. The last new thing I bought for myself was my 17" monitor that I got in April. Beyond some clothes, groceries, that is a bout it.

    I did purchase a huge HD and a dvd drive/burner for my computer that will be here tomorrow, and a pack of DVD's but that doesn't really take up any additional space. Woohoo!

    Not to scale, god I'm killing time:

    Little amount of space to walk in the middle, but not very much.

    Good stuff though... it's my office!
    hehe, scary though, it really does look like my room, perfectly laid out.

    Now see, if I could finally get signed with a new firm, I wouldn't have time to kill, but while I'm sitting around waiting, pulling out my hair, dying to trade whiel I wait for what seems the longest responses I have ever recieved...0. I have to make do with this.
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  6. I trade from the sofa. Wireless keyboard and mouse. Take a nap during boring times. Alert chime wakes me up when I need it to. I want a nice recliner but the wife hates them. She says they are for "old men" and she doesn't want to be married to an old man.
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  7. r-in


    A couple business cards, lots of little pieces of paper with notes, my numbers for the trading day on another piece of paper, emergency phone number list, a watch, calculator, cell phone, regular phone, speakers, a dictionary, various books(currently Theory of Poker, Instruments of Statecraft, and a Star Wars book my oldest is telling me I have to read), and a picture of the plane I want to buy with my profits. The plane changes often and sometimes is a helicopter. I can't make up my mind, but so far I'd say I have plenty of time before I worry about the actual purchase.
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  8. this thread exemplifies the profound lameness here..

    whoever said this is a bitchfest was right
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  9. especially this is lameo

    i ask you..

    who takes time and effort to do this other than a moron
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    Tin of dip and a spitter
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