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  2. i never understand why people waste so much money buying those multiple display bundles....

    instead of paying $3k for 1x 21" and 5x 17" why dont you get:

    1) 1x dell ultrasharp 24" lcd $500
    2) 5x dell ultrasharp 17" lcd $200
    3) pick a multi display stand from dell for $700 (ie: http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/...etail.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=bsd&cs=04&sku=A0639933 )

    you end up saving about $1k, but more importantly getting a 24" instead of a 21" as main display. I dont know about the quality of those noname "premium" lcds, but i know dell ultrasharp is one of the best commercial monitors you can buy and more than enough for any kind of trading.
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    Design your own screen stands etc and take the plans to a local welder to fix you up for a song and a dance to feel better that you are smarter than the marketing people that sell $100 for a grand+.

    Thay do not out those 4 holes in back of screens just for high dollar junk. BE CREATIVE .. :)
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    Current prices at costco.com

    all 24"

    Dell $380

    Viewsonic $320

    Scepture $300
  6. Lots of vendors selling multi monitor stands such as Ergotron for a fraction of the cost of the package deals. Just do Google searches for multi monitor stand or display. I really like the stands from Chief. Although they run a little more spendy than Ergotron, each monitor can swivel up/down and sideways. Also has guides to hide cables, and can be configured for just about any display combo you can dream up.
  7. Saw a new LG-2252 at Frye's this past weekend for only $279.00

    Not a bad price for a 22" monitor that comes with HDCP.

    Very tempting!
  8. It may just be me, but becareful with those 22" or cheap 24" lcds they use a different and cheaper panel technology called TN (i think)

    I order one of the cheaper 24" TN panel lcd, but just couldnt stand the screen, it flicks and brightness is not even, gives me a headache looking at those numbers after half hr. Returned it and paid $200 more for a 24" dell ultrasharp and all the problem (and headache) went away.

    As far as i know all dell ultrasharp uses the non-TN better panels. I think it's worth the investment to pay a little extra since you will be staring at those screens all day long.
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    alrite i purchased all dell ultrasharps and saved a ton .... thanks guy !!