What do you guys think of this?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by milos, May 7, 2010.

  1. milos


    What do you guys think of the program on www.excelios.com ? It is my program that I am currently writing in VBA and I would like you guys to give me some ideas as to what I can incorporate in it.

    Right now it calculates, BB, MACD, RSI, SMA, EMA, volume patterns, ADV (on both up/down days), etc.

    What else can I implement in it? I can't program it almost to do anything but I am short on ideas!

    I look forward to your suggestions!
  2. =================
    Long story short, skip macd,rsi..............................:cool: And while i use ema, sma, not much difference...:cool:
  3. milos


    skip as in remove them? well id like to leave them in as i already programmed it.

    i'm looking to add things to this program. i need ideas as to what i should add. it is pretty useful little program and theres potential to tailor it so its a lot more useful..i'm just lacking ideas!
  4. jprad


    Considering what these folks have done with Excel, http://www.analyzerxl.com/, what do you plan on doing to differentiate your products from theirs?
  5. milos


    Hi. I saw their software and it is very good.

    I can do almost all of those things, so no need to pay for their software + if I were to sell it, I wouldn't charge more than 10-15$.

    And I need your inputs so that I can make it better than theirs. Maybe not better, but at least better than what my program is now.

    What could be helpful to have? What would you, for instance, want to be able to do with my program?
  6. jprad


    Download their demos, which are a 10 day free trial and start reading their documentation.

    That should give you plenty of better ideas then you'll ever get on this forum.
  7. BeeRy


    I'm curious to know where you draw the data from. Seems fast and effective.
  8. milos


    I pull it from Yahoo historical data. The program is for sale, if you are interested. I think I took off the buy it link from the website. But I'm selling it for $14.