What do you guys think of Seminars for Starters?

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  1. Hey Guys,

    my first post here for my new endeavor, little bit longer

    i decided to leave my daily job last year and wanted to take one year sabbatical, and to see how this year develops. i had the plan to try to become a poker pro and to get into trading (swing trading, account size starting with 50kusd increase to 100kusd afterwards). in the meanwhile i earn good money by playing poker, so it's time to start to develop some trading skills - while i move to australia for winter because europe is realy unpleasant during that time.

    i see becoming a trader with a realistic viewpoint, i know i do not have a clue, i need time to develop skills, and loosing is part of the game - you need to know when to hold em end when to fold em :D

    having said that, i have read already several books: tarp - trade your way to financial freedom, schwager - market wizards, schwager on futures, nilson - candlestick course, and currently neil - how to make money in stocks. i subscribed to various websites, not because i dont want to develop my own system, but to see how other people think and analyse markets (eg stockbandit).

    tough i am still struggeling not really knowing how 2 proceed., seems the first steps are really the most difficult ones. i am thinking about attending a trading course, but i am not sure if those courses are worth their money, what do you think about it?

    i had put my eyes especially on the swing trading academy by tradingmarkets/larry connors. the content seemed quite helpful, basics, some systems, and 4 weeks of live trading. i do NOT expect to be a master trader afterward, nor that the presented systems will make me millionaire next year. i expect that i will know (=starting know how, will develop) how to approach markets, will see how some systems are built up so i can develop own ones, and so on.

    most probable, most information is out there somewhere, but it's also a question of time frame, when such a course speeds up my learning curve, i am willing to invest - its just a basic investement calculation.

    what do you guys think, yes/no? other suggestions?

    your help is very much appreciated.
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    would you go to a poker seminar?

    Do not re invent the wheel, find some one who very successful and copy what they do.
  3. It's a business riddled with scammers, posers, liars and con artists.

    Whatever you do, demand proof of profitability at all times or don't invest one penny.

    Assume guilty unless proven innocent.

  4. i didn't go to a poker seminar, but i invested a considerate amount of money into coaching. i took coaching at the beginning (to speed up the start), then worked on my game on my own for several months (after i had the basics and know in which direction i need to go), and then i took again coaching to get to next level).

    what you mean by find someone who is very successful and copy? book authors with their systems, traders who offer courses, systems here in this forum? (sidenote: its not really a problem for me of finding information, its a problem of judging the validity yet.)

    having scanned the forum for some while, that was the impression i got; therefore also my posting. still - are there any recommendable courses/trainings/coaches?

    the problem at the beginning is, there is so much information, but i cant judge yet the validity of most offers (eg: mr.swing, stock bandit, tradingmarkets, ...).
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  6. Larry Connors is a stand up guy. You will get value from the seminar and you have the right attitude. His stuff is mostly buying statstically defined pullbacks --it works.

    good luck
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    I sent you a PM.

    Ammo, thanks for that!
  8. Hi,
    I am a fan of Larry Connors and I have several of his books, but I won't pay thousands for a seminar from anyone. There's so much good information at low cost that I just don't see the need to pay thousands, even to someone I respect. I would rather trade with that money.

    Ammo, thanks, lot of good articles at that link.
  9. I would definitely steer clear of paying a lot of money for trading education. There are tons of great free resources out there online and some great chat rooms and webinars you can get access to for just a little bit of money. Feel free to private message me.
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