What do you guys think of Doug Kass,James Altucher,and Jeff Cooper

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  1. I was wondering what do you think of these guys. They are supposivly the stars of streetinsight and best traders/fundmangers. Are they all hype or not? Any good? Or past their prime, but still have good advice?
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    The best advice you will hear is to invest in yourself.
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    From what I've read about him and from him, I would recommend Kass. He's the real deal.
  4. kass is suppovily the anti cramer. I saw him once on kudlow and company but he was squashed in a debate with another fund manger. I think it was a debate between him and mike holland.

  5. It annoys me that Jeff Cooper wrote two books that sold for $100 each, saying "Mechanical systems are stupid and dangerous, discretionary trading using human judgement is the only way to go." But now, a few years later, he seems to have changed his tune and now advocates trading 100% mechanically. However he doesn't seem to tell people "Don't buy my old books." Grrr.
  6. Mike Holland is a tool. He does it for the fees.
  7. That annoyed me Jeff Cooper charged $100 for his books also;
    especially since his mag articles were helpful,
    that high bid ask spread stuff usually has much lower volume because of it.

    Any system or discretion takes discretion, its a matter of degree;
    that doesnt bother me because some people dont want to learn from the past or want to overpay for books.
  8. Kass seems to always be looking to sell the top or buy the bottom, more of an ego thing than the way to trade successfully, and who knows what he actually is doing in his fund. Altucher is a great resource, very interesting, comes up with offbeat ideas. I know Cooper is controversial and some of his Gann and numerology stuff leaves me scratching my head, but for my money, he is one of the best market analysts around. He is worth the price of RM alone. In fact, he is about the only reason to subscribe, although I do like the Howard Simons articles.
  9. Let me tell you about Doug Kass, that SOB told me to go long Feb. pork bellies. I just saw a flash on the wire saying that the first cases of pigs catching bird flu is happening in Sri Lanka. Does anyone know where Kass lives?
    As far as those other two guys, they've made alot of money this year. They sold their lifes story and someone made a movie, it's called BrokeBack Mountain.

    ...Rennick out
  10. I'm sending each of them every penny I have.

    3-1 margin.
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