what do you guys think of DELL?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by skynet, Jul 24, 2002.

  1. skynet


    if thismarket continues the way it has....i say dell is heading for the 15 level.....what do you guys think?
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    I have been accumulating a short position. I'm currently short about 5,000 shares, so I hope you are right. I'm really not sure it will go that low, I will probably start covering a little at a time - hopefully tomorrow. It has held up quite well compared to QQQ, so it should have some to give if QQQ keeps dropping. I am long QQQ as the other part of this trade, and it is the worst trade I have ever had. We'll see how it goes, I hope you are right.
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    Dell keeps gaining market share. If you want to short something there are lots of better candidates. You're asking to get burned
  4. Makes an outstanding computer using industry leading parts. Compaq made one of the first competing operating systems other than MS Dos, and to this day, still has proprietary software within their components. Hence you can't maintain or update their laptops and desktops without having problems or needing their version of the same publically available software.

    IBM, Toshiba, Sony and Gateway make good machines. However, and that's where you learn your mistake in purchasing their machines, their maintenance is horrid.

    Dell answers the phone with live persons who have experience, keep track of previous incidents, and have credible solutions which actually solve the problems being presented. IBM was far too large even to keep track of the returned laptops which came in for service.

    So, component structure of their business based on their products is what provides the sufficient strength behind DELL.

    Problem is, Michael Dell continues to treat his company like a personal stock portfolio, and has had his hand slapped for trading on the company and their shares, just like a personal portfolio.
  5. Dells are not all they are cut out to be...

    I have had 3.... the last 2 disasters. Have had 2 computer engineers look at one of them, it baffled them that neither could get NT going, the thing would crash for no reason even after reformats and new hard drives, etc. Customer service was of no help, and they really do suck....they dont know what they are talking about. IMO buy a compaq (had a few of those too with great experiences) - dont know what the hell you are talking about 'internal proprietary software that makes the maintenance (???!!) costs high' -- after a new transmission and exhaust system my compaq was running great!!! (what are you talking ab out?). A buddy of mine works there, says its an absolute joke about how they screw around customer service...
  6. I used to be a big fan of dell pc's but the quality of their parts and service has been dropping a LOT in the past 2 years. As far as the stock goes, they don't have the growth rate to justify the price anymore.
  7. I hope you covered. Its not about whether you like your Dell, as peter says, its about market share. At least Peter warned you before the market opened. Good luck
  8. Not a good bet.
  9. my dell computer is great. i'd definitely buy another one.
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    Love the company but not the stock. It may be a good play if you write options on it every month. Its range bound.
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