What do you guys think about TTOW?

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  1. Mpas


    What do you think about TTOW(take two interactive)?Would you invest long term?I think that the company has a really good,solid position on the future of videogames.
  2. Nobert



    Don't know any fundamentals, but on technicals side, looks like a nice entry for long, with stop at $115/114.

    Revenue goes up as do earnings, so... :)

    Screenshot (313).png

    Decent volume - 900k/day.

    A ride up to $125/127.

    But all of that would be a swing trade (1-3 weeks), not long term investing.
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  3. Amahrix


    You sound like a psychic. Literally like a psychic.
  4. maxinger


    Quite a straight forward chart to analyse.

    Price has been going up rather strongly since 2015.
    Those who have longed TTWO few years ago would have unloaded most of their positions,
    and leave some small positions for potential further upside movement.

    For those who miss the 2015 boat, I doubt there will be another sea-worthy boat coming for you to take.

    anyway do your own analysis and trade according to your trade plan.
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  5. Nobert


    Could you share some arguments ?

    If not, i will have to ignore you , because constructive criticism and insulting, has nothing in common.

  6. maxinger


    I don't find anything psychic about your posting.

    If I were you, I'd put that person on the ignore list right away.
    Because you might get destructive rather than constructive discussion.
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  7. Nobert


    My emotional side of the person, -

    suggested the same,

    but rational and logical thinking, tells, that it could be a, potentially huge mistake, if, i am really wrong and only because of my ego, i would miss a chance to learn something new.

    That would be, way more terrifying outcome ( then suffering little bit of bullying ), staying stuck & learning nothing new.
    (i even had a nightmare like that , wheres selfishness and stupidity , took the best of me & opportunity was lost)

    I simply want to find out, whom i am dealing with and how much of credibility he has.

    If hes not credible, then, it will be a second name on my ignore list, next to one liar.
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  8. Nobert


    I was wrong.

    My charting on the stock was messed up.

    I wouldn't go long at it now.

    Got 2 months of summer ,,holidays'' from now on.
    ( for what is left of summer )

    Now, all the time, will be dedicated for homeversity, reading, improving ;
    double, triple check, with Think or Swim, Yahoo, StockCharts, TradingView - before entering, simulated position.

    There was after all, a gem, hidden in this mistake/problem, as Dalio says.

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  9. Amahrix


    I humbly request you read 1) Fooled By Randomness 2) Black Swan 3) Antifragile 4) Skin in the Game beginning with Fooled By Randomness.
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  10. It's in an uptrend and passes a major resistance on 120, now it's in a big resistance in 121.75 also but for now, according to the heatmap there are no sellers waiting. if it will pass this resistance it's a good sign to continue the trend. no major news for now
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