What do you guys think about Sirius(SIRI)?

Discussion in 'Options' started by Donnyboy8, Aug 30, 2006.

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    Just wanted to get some opinions on Sirius.

    It seems very over valued to me but I still feel its headed higher.
  2. Pure 100% Junk

    Pumpers are at it again
    Watch the suckers fall for it and then get Dumped On!! ( like they have many times before)

  3. I didn't say YOU were pumping it..I said the Pumpers are at it again.
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    Sorry I ,misunderstood and deleted the prior reply.

    You don't think the stock is actually going to rally to even half of what xm is trading at right now?

    I am new to options and on Friday I bought a $5 Mar 07 call and since then the call is down 25% so it is making me nervous.

    Do you have any sugestion... Should I sell and take a loss,wait and see if it rebounds, or something else...

  5. I have no suggestions for you as I don't advise on stocks that move up based on pumpers and then sell off due to dumpers and that is all I seem to see when it comes to SIRI.
  6. But I will add this:

    If I was going to gamble on one of the satellite stocks it would be XMSR due to I am of the opinion that they are the ones that will be bought out...both of them cannot make it IMO.
  7. yeah, this stock is worse than naps; still, nothin' beats rmbs as pump'n'dump paradise.
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    How do you pick which stock or option to invest in.

    I know that is the million dollar question but I had to ask anyway because I find this all frustrating. I have read a few books but they are difficult to grasp. I think I need a class or something where I can have someone walk me through all the different strategies.
  9. economy is slowin'; best sectors are heathcare and consumer staples, they tend to outperform in uncertain periods...your money is more or less safe there and they've done very well also when mkt was on fire. safest investements out there.
  10. Depends on what strategy you want to use, time frame, amount of risk etc...

    SIR is going nowhere fast or soon! Leave it alone.
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