What do you guys think about Online Trading Academy?

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by RYL, Oct 4, 2006.

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    Their website is www.tradingacademy.com. Does anyone currently work there? If you do, how is it? Do you recommend that place?
    Has anyone you heard of them? What do you think about them?

    I appreciate your responses and thank you in advance.
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    I am an instructor with OTA and would be happy to answer any questions you may have about our classes. Feel free to email me directly.
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    I am not trying to SPAM I attempted to email the poster directly but he has the email turned off. I am not a sales rep. I am just simply trying to answer any questions the poster may have.
  5. its garbage - must be a guy who failed at trading. dont wast your time...

    guy who started site was involved in some pedofile shit too...
  6. EliteTrader.com has two options of contacting another ET member privately...

    * Private Message

    * Email

    Both of the above are reachable by clicking on the ET member profile.

    You can send RYI a pm eventhough his email is turned off.

    Just click on his name to view his profile...


    Next...click on the words that say "Send RYL a Private Message!"


    The issue has nothing to do with if your an instructor or sales rep.

    Simply, ET has several different methods of contacting other ET members without discussing a non-sponsor as an employee of that non-sponsor.

    Therefore, Baron (owner of ET) does allow some slack in discussing the services of non-sponsors...

    It just can't be done the way you did it due to your affiliation to the non-sponsor.

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    My apologies and thank you NihabaAshi.
  8. No problem.

    I just think ET policy isn't clear enough on how to discuss the services of non-sponsors here at ET regardless if your afilliated or not with the non-sponsor.

    I think there should be an Anti-Spam Policy link next to any message we are preparing to post a reply.

    That link when clicked should spell out clear examples of how to communicate (do's and don'ts) at ET about non-sponsors and sponsors.

  9. A few years back I bought a CD on Level II. Thought it was really poor quality information - well produced waffle. Put me off any other products big time. To be precise, lots of talk and little of worth.
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    Thanks for your responses. I'm sorry for the late response.... I thought my post was deleted. Anyways, I'm currently reading "Technical Analysis of the Financial Markets" by Murphy. I've only read a 100 pages and I gotta say WOW, what a book!!! It's like the bible of technical analysis. Anyways I'm located in NY and I'm going to go to OTA's free seminar in NJ. I'll give you guys a trip report if you guys like. I'm basically looking to go to any firm thats willing to give me a lot of leverage (10:1 preferably) and a low commission structure. I want to learn how to scalp. I currently trade the trend, and hold no more than 5 stocks a time. I just started to trade again after a 2 month break. Before the break, I held stocks anywhere from a month to 6 months. My basic strategy was to hold stocks that are moving and sell stocks when the stocks went below 10% from the price I bought the stock or moving sideways.
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