What do you guys do on the Weekends ? :p

Discussion in 'Forex' started by tedmos38, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. fan27


    We need the full video clip to do it justice.
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  2. themickey


    Absolutely brilliant isn't it, love it! :)
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  3. KCalhoun

    KCalhoun Sponsor

    One of my all time favorite scenes in movie history. Imagine him talking to you about trading. No excuses.

    Ok time for bento lunch
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  4. themickey


    I daytrade during the week and because of all the traps, on weekends I trash my brain so to prepare myself for the week ahead.
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  5. Spooz Top 2

    Spooz Top 2


    Monday mornings get here much too quickly...
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  6. Sig


    Spend time with family and friends, go sailing, have a couple beers, read a book, do projects around the house... basically have a life that values the freedom to do what you want that money buys infinitely more than money itself.
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  7. JSOP


    Yes. Weekends is not that enjoyable tbh cuz you are missing all the opportunities to make more money. LOL I wish the markets are open 7 days a week so that way you never stop making money or making back losses. I try to study the markets and go over my trades for the week and try to plan my strategy for next week.
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  8. Pekelo


    Because I am disciplined, I only do this on the weekends:


    But seriously:

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  9. Pekelo


    Of course I was just kidding. Over the weekend I like to spend quality time with my girls:

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  10. tomorton


    Sorry, but I think they're too young for you.

    (and if they're too young for you then I've got no chance.....)
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