What do you guys do on the Weekends ? :p

Discussion in 'Forex' started by tedmos38, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. rider20


    Going to the beach, to be honest. I live near one, so I try to spend some time there to relax and clear my mind.
    #91     May 12, 2022
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  2. Pretty nice have a home near to the beach, I think all people who live near to the beach have skill to swiming. This weekend I am only at home with all my kids.
    #92     May 15, 2022
  3. Friday nights: wings, the spicier the better
    Saturday mornings: walk over to the Walmart, get some jerky type snacks, go for a hike till mid afternoon
    Saturday afternoon: go over my "life" spreadsheet and make sure I'm handling stuff I'm supposed to, make adjustments where needed.
    Saturday evening: Probably a movie.
    Sunday morning: sleep in
    Sunday afternoon: nap
    Sunday evening: start looking at charts, review trades for the past week, mark up areas for the upcoming week.
    #93     May 15, 2022
  4. Handle123


    #94     May 16, 2022
  5. Because of the hectic office and trading schedule on weekdays, I don’t get much time to rest and meet my friends. So, that’s what I do on my weekends.
    #95     May 16, 2022
  6. A good sleep! Or try to have some fun with my friends and family.
    #96     May 18, 2022
  7. How to make some fun maybe vary to each other, my friend like to fishing, while I am not, weekend more often with my kids.
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  8. Henry520


    a very long sleep after a random drink.
    #98     May 19, 2022