What do you guys do on the Weekends ? :p

Discussion in 'Forex' started by tedmos38, Oct 17, 2020.

  1. tedmos38


    When the market is closed, do you miss trading?
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  2. DevBru


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  3. themickey


    I clean my ears with cotton buds and eat cheese.
  4. Turveyd


    Yep, weekends I'm bored with nothing to do, other than gym and ride my mountain bike, in the week busy busy and don't get much trading time, sucks!
  5. Research, logging the past week if not finished and preparing for the next week.

    By 2021 I hope to have more leisure time on weekends.
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  6. tomorton


    Took myself out of the jobs market a few years back. One thing I really miss now is the structure of the week that work imposes. Effectively, I don't have weekends. Although Friday evening still feels different and Saturday morning still feels different and Sunday still feels like a dull waste of a day, in reality all my weeks are full of Tuesdays. And what special ever happens on a Tuesday? Meh......
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  7. fargone


    Just chilling and have a great time to me and myself before monday shoots in
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  8. MichalTr


    trading crypto
  9. SanMiguel


    I research beer companies to invest in some of their products
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  10. Review the weeks trades, check the stats are in line with expectations, spend time with the family.
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