What do you guys do at 11:30?

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    I am basing this theory off the small number of stocks that I've reviewed but it seems like that stocks seem to dip around lunch time usually to their day-time low. Am I crazy?
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    Why doesn't the NYC lodge take my application? These idiots think 1 year's difference going to make much difference?

    Midday is range time, at least for index futures.
  3. 1) Small Sample Bias?
    2) Stocks should do "that" during a downtrend. :cool:
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    I am an index trader. I stay away from the doldrums. The ranges provide many traps. Once I realized that 30% of stop-outs occurred during this period- I abandoned it and has greatly increased my overall gains.

    I do not enter a new trade after 11:15 am.

    Of course, every strategy requires some flexibility. On certain days the EU has some emergency announcement or there maybe a long-term Fib trend that was hit causing a reversal. Therefore, I will set price alarms outside the existing range and I will receive a text page to "get back to work".

    I hope this helps.
  5. 11:30 is when Europe's markets close. Europe's markets should close at a certain area. After that, the US markets are free to do what they want. Before 11:30, both markets generally move together.
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    I eat lunch.

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    warming up on the driving range.
  8. At 10:30 central time (my time) my eyes are glued to the monitor.
  9. Buy reits hand over fist. Just like every other day. What else would i be doing?
  10. after 6 mos. of professional trading i have adopted this strategy as well and i trade in equities only. after 12p cst no more new positions, but i do keep an eye on a few stocks if i'm expecting a big movement.
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