What do you do with your non trading $$$?

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  1. Where do you park your money? Just want to get some ideas on what traders do with their cash. Currently, my non trading money is allocated to cash, tax exempt funds, and some index mutual funds.
  2. Strip clubs, baby.

    All tax exempt, of course.
  3. Short-term: CD's, savings/checking/money markets

    Longer-term: tax-free bonds, index ETF's, stocks
  4. Go roll the dice at the craps table. Maybe you can double it.
  5. Here are a few activities that I have found worthwhile:

    -Go to Asia, Brazil, Dubai, etc. Hire some hos, get a party going and let it all hang out. Dubai especially.

    -Cruise the strip in a Mercedes like the guys from Entourage. Hire some hos. Walk around the club like you own it.

    -Hire some hos

    -Hire some hos

    Thats the short list. Hope this helps. Feel free to ask followup questions if you need more clarification.
  6. Surdo


    I have a new respect for you Michael Scott!

    You forgot the Hoes of Republica Dominicana.
    After you cruise La Playa for a new mami, don't forget to buy a 12% Central Bank Certificate, if you are lucky The RD peso will depreciate your profits to 1%! Pimp some more hoes.


    el surdo
  7. I trade it all.

    All the way to the point of selling my M-Roadster and doing 0% credit card transfers to buy shares last year.

    It was all in one stock, too.

    I'm still here, aren't I?

    PS: If you meant otherwise, like when I sell, the money goes to a Treasuries Money Market account. The only problem with that is only the first $900,000 is insured when its in the money market. Maybe they just don't have enough customers with that problem to worry about it.
  8. Done it.. I've a family to feed now. Hence, I've to be conversative with the cash.

  9. A ladder of CD's maturing every month and physical gold.
  10. I have a good chunk liquid at Emmigrant direct dot com at 5.05 APY and the rest at my credit union whom I negotiated a jumbo CD at 5.75 APY.
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