$ what do you do with your money? $

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  1. grob109 has talked about flying an airplane. acrary has mentioned helicopters.

    what are some of the things you rich guys do with your money?
  2. I buy cows and pigs.....then i take them out into a field and torture them for a few minutes and then blow their brains out...i do this about every three weeks or so just to relieve stress.....too bad im a vegetarian and can;t eat them,,,i just leave them there to rot.
  3. You know, PETA probably moniters this board now. You better be careful or you'll have a bunch of ultra-liberals hanging outside your house.
  4. Impossible...gated community....plus a german shepherd.....I had to get him for protection.....Im sure they won't mess wiht him, but they may get upset when they see how i feed him: everyday i club 3 or 4 baby seals to death and then throw them on the lawn for him to rip apart.
  5. I also used to do that for my lovely doberman, but then I read that the seal's fat isn't good for a dog's blood pressure.

    Try kitten instead, works great since they don't run away and they don't squeak as loud as seals do - moreover, you can better freeze them alive in your refrigerator and stockpile them this way. They're like fresh when you get them out again, even after 6 months!
  6. Not to mention all the excess cash you could make from being a new supplier to your local neighborhood Chinese restaraunt.
  7. Eating cats? I think you're a sick pervert.
  8. aphexcoil and TM_Direct are savages. =[
  9. If you were a camel your humps would be esoterically bald from overuse.
  10. Yeah! I mean, killing or freezing kittens is nothing I have a problem with - but eating them? Yuck!
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