what do you do to keep awake

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  1. on days of slow moving market or periods of chop
    what do u do to keep urself busy and not bored and doze off?
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    pushups-at least get a good body even if u go broke :D :D :D
  3. Work on new strategies.

    You also need to keep abreast of any news around the world (never know what will create a rally or the next sell-off), politics, economics, bond market, etc, etc, etc. That alone is enough to keep you busy all day long by itself, even if you completely ignored the US equity markets.

    And not to sound preachy, but if being in front of the screens, watching the action of the market bores you to the point of sleep, you might want to reconsider this as a line of work. Even on a slow day, there is TON's going on in the marketplace that warrants a your attention.
  4. average down
  5. Watch one second blown way up. There's always a circus there. And I scratch my nuts a lot.
  6. Cocaine.
  7. look at what the market is going to do next?
    of course this isn't continouslly, so
    Use an alarm clock, Go to sleep
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    I have a very loud alert I can set on my trading software that I can hear if I am in the house.

    The same software can also send an SMS message to my cell phone.

    Not a problem.
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    look at Porn:D
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    If you're bored, you need to put on more size. :D
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