What do you do here?

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  1. This is a tax question.

    You submit your paperwork March 15, 2008 in order to have your taxes done for April, 15 2008. You accountant tells you they can't get it done and have to file an extension which gives you to October 15th 2008. It's October 6th, 2008 and they still aren't done but they are finishing up.

    Now they are telling me that I need to pay for 12 hrs @ 150 / hr. What do you do? Seems ridicluous that you should pay full price when these idiots were 6 months late
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    had the same problem...yell at him,threaten to call a lawyer and maybe the accounting board(they are biased to their own members tho)...
  3. Standard Operating Procedure in the accounting biz.

    My wife works for a CPA and they're always filing extensions.

    Hell, some times if they don't get something in the mail on time before a deadline, they take the evelope out in the parking lot, stomp on it a few times to dirty it up, back date the postage meter, then mail it so it looks like it got lost by the post office on it's way to the IRS.

    True story! Not making this up!
  4. What do you do?

    1) Year 1, have a pro set up your tax reporting. Study what they do.

    2) From then on, learn to do your own taxes. Use things that automate the information, good tax sfotware, keep good records, etc. Maybe trade in your IRA to avoid the paperwork involved and to defer the taxes.
  5. Thanks all for the replys... so do you think I should have some leverage to say HEY I AIN'T PAYING FULL PRICE
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    You should have PRE negotiated the price, kinda like a garotta de programma!

    ...having said that, he does have you by the balls, so let him finish the return and bill you, then tell him he is overcharging you!

    You could do it yourself or another accountant do them in a week, and tell him to piss off totally!
  7. so would you not pay the bill? I don't want to have my credit ruined over this