What do you dislike about trading?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Siwash, Sep 11, 2003.

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    I'm a newcomer to the board and have seen a couple of posts about what drew you to trading,what you like about it.I am curious what if any downsides you percieve there to be.This is not meant to produce a bitch and moan thread,more of an honest self appraisal.
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  3. Bingo!

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    the biggest downside is the boredom ..............which means looking at Elite Traders for want of something better to do and then reading a stupid thread like this one and then taking the time to post a reply.......................AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH !!!
  5. Trading is the best home-based business. I don't dislike anything about trading. Everyday is an adventure:confused:

    And every business has losses. I just closed an educational publishing company(with a sizable loss). It used to be profitable. But with the states' budget crisis, I was waiting up to a year to get paid. And when I had more bad debts than sales...thank goodness I started trading.
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    The downside is when the bear hit. It's easy to make money when the tide rise. Traditionally Sep and October are two nasty months.
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    Nothing at all.... I just love trading.

    And not just the trading, also researching and trying to find new setups.

    I used to hate losing. Not anymore, just part of trading.

  8. Requires a lot of Patience, which can cause boredom, which can lead to stupid trades due to boredom, resulting in losses



    I don't see a bear market as a "downside". Shorting is as much a part of trading as playing the long side so a bear market provides plenty of opportunity to make money. And given the recent run up I'm making most of my intra-day money on the short side.

    For the original poster ... I don't see hardly any negatives associated with trading other than the occasional stress when trying to decide whether to blow out of a trade that's gone against you ...
  10. dumb ass one lots hitting a shorty to start a freakn short squezze when there is plenty more room for the offer to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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