What do you call yourself?

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  1. Is there an official (hopefully respectable) name for fulltime retail traders? When people ask what you do for a living, what do you say?
  2. That's the problem I have in Italy when I try to describe what I do: there's no term in italian to define trading, other than 'trading' and frankly within an italian phrase it sounds ridiculous.
  3. Happy holidays to all!

    Why not just call yourself an investor? If the person is interested in specifics, they will ask. If not, then you got off easy and can move on with your conversation.
  4. independent equity trader.
  5. Verdais


    market-maker. Most people just nod and say, "Oh."
  6. 9999


    computer graphic designer
  7. Currency Speculator...If they ask further, I tell them I am an ElectricSavant...that usually stops them...
  8. dac8555


    papi chulo.
  9. Ebo


    Claro que si!

    When I am in a foreign country and a girl asks me about all the colored graphics on my laptop, I usually just tell her it's a video game! Very few have a clue what La Bolsa de Valores is.
  10. I say I am a business person. Actually I have many hats and I do have a business (as well as a job) and I trade my roth IRA so - fuck the explanation.
    I say different things to different people depending the circumstances. Some time I want to be pitied than I am a working joe. Sometimes I want to show most of the pisspoor petes that a roth ira is something to sneeze at when it is at high six figures.
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