What do we buy when this ends....

Discussion in 'Trading' started by praetorian2, Sep 21, 2001.

  1. I can't believe these futs. I'm all in cash, and I want to put money to work, mainly in limited risk plays, so options are the way to go. What do you think we should buy. I want large caps, but almost everything I look at seems to have one problem or another. It's all damaged goods. I'm kinda looking to those names most oversold like MU for instance, but I know there are risks in that name cause tech definately has it's problems. What are you all looking to buy into this selloff?
  2. I've found it tiresome in general to try to pick individual stocks in this environment (aside from playing some gap openings on specific issues). My opinion and what I'll be doing is buying SPX calls, and if certain sectors are looking good I'll buy calls on sectors like XAU, OSX, SOX, UTY, etc. It's a hell of a lot simpler than having to try to discern which individual issues are going to bounce back the best.
  3. Defense and drug/biotechs are strong even when dow down big,
    JNJ popped big today while we had a run up. It's defensive, also
    consumer staples PG and like - we need to wash and brush no
    matter what. I like drug/biotech the most - I have a small position mainly big names like JNJ, MRK, Pfizer.
    In any case - when bottom fishing remember to buy the least
    damaged goods not the ones the market hit most. The least
    damaged goods are best to rally in the bear market - hold it
    only so long. Insane to think that some bot airlines and insurance
    even as the dust is clearing, yes most damage is already priced
    in but what if (god forbid) get hit again ???? The market will
    overdo anything and we are in the bear market. These are weak
    and will get weaker.