What do traders need

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  1. Hello fellow traders, I have been reading Elite Traders post for many years and what do you think the average trader needs to understand the market.

    When someone comes here and post anything about knowing anything you all beat them to a pulp, however some post are very funny I may add, but all kidding aside where do you think the weakness is I have some ideas as to what it is but I was curious as to what you guys and gals thought.

    In other words what would like to see a trading plan( ie): real trading setups, time of day to trade ( by the way that is huge ) 8 times to trade during day, money management, ( but that’s no fun ) what markets for personality and so

    Please be serious if you post a reply however if they are funny go ahead and have at it.

    I have software I made that I just use myself I made it due to my weaknesses in my own trading and it has helped
    Beyond what I imagined and no, it does not give signals or anything like that but all thru the day it keeps me in check

    And NO it not for sale or anything like that, I paid to have it made just for me and was curious if anybody had same issues as me, however it does kickoff at all the 8 time zones during day

    This is my first thread her so try to be kind if you want pm me and I will give you the time zones, just try
    To have an open mind to new ideas, nothing have seen does this and it is so simple.

    If you want pm me and I will give you the zones to trade in