What do these studies mean for Monsanto CORN

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  3. Another new alias? How do you even keep track of all of them?

    As evidenced by the death of your other corn thread, nobody cares about this story.
  4. There was a lot of information about Monsanto seed showing on public television last night.
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    People do care the only problem is people start caring when they start dying.

    A little too late :p
  6. The allegations go back many years, correct?
  7. I watched "food, inc" on pbs pov last night. They spoke about the MON seed monopoly. And the strong arm tactics they emply to get their way. Such as...A man owns a seed saving company..heirloom varieties. MON comes in and sues him for "encouraging farmers to save seed". Meanwhile the guy never had possession of MON seeds..BUT they knew by bringing him to court they would A - bankrupt him and B - he would never have any business sent his way again as then MON would go after his client.

    Truly horrific....
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    I don't care so much for Monsanto seed monopoly

    what worries me is eating Monsanto Corn that produces pesticides and poisons me and my kids.
  9. mon also has a buddy on the supreme court that helped them get a patent on genetically altered soybeans.
  10. You need to work on your grammar (and maybe just maybe stick with one moniker) in order for me to take you seriously.

    You don't know jack shit about corn or agronomy. Yet alone fertiilization and irrigation. Princely portion feeds livestock, both beef and pork. It's where your Porterhouses come from. Another princely portion goes toward high frutcose corn syrup, which is in just about everything processed. The remainder in corn oil, nachos, Fritos et al.

    The yield per acre on corn has doubled since around 1964. Has to, to keep up with population growth (which of course includes YOUR kids). Stems from hybrids and bioscience rather than the increase in diesel.

    It's safe to assume you've never had a callous on your hand. Smooth as a baby's bottom.

    Just for some relevance, attached is a weekly chart with a broken neckline. Kinda convenient it coincides with a PBS documentary.

    Never under-estimate the power of the media.
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