What Do the Majority of Chinese Millionaires Aspire to Do? Answer: Leave the Country

Discussion in 'Economics' started by Banjo, Nov 2, 2011.

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  2. That is the jist of it. There a number of special visas availible including special exemptions for "Anchor Babies" and "Chain Immagration" If you have the money the US will roll out the RED CARPET for you. Forget what the political enviroment is, it is just about the money.
    China frowns upon a a lifestyle of conspicuous consumption. So those with wealth have a chance to enjoy it here in the states. I am just waiting until the cultural influences start taking effect due to the migration effect.

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    BUY GOLD!!!!!!!!!
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    You also have lots of Europeans buying property in the US now, especially in FL and Miami. US cities might not be as beautiful as European cities, but we have the best quality of life, ie a house, outdoors, plenty of recreation, travel.
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    Holy shit I agree with everything you just said.

    I will save this post to file and revel in the mystery and majesty of the universe.
  5. This is why taxes on the rich have to be higher. I mean, If chinese millionaires want to go to USA, the USA is heaven for millionaires and taxation is probably not bad for the amount of freedom and protection millionaires get. So why not use the millionaires to bring in more taxes?
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    There is a well-documented and wildly successful State Dept. program for Mexican nationals who want to invest a substantial amount into starting a US business for them to get fast-tracked. There have been several articles over the past couple years from the WSJ, Forbes, etc. on it. It is actually a really brilliant idea.
  8. Economic opportunities are abound in China, but freedom is non-existant. It makes perfect sense why a Chinese man would want to make his fortune and then get the fuck out.
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