What do remote traders want?

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  1. I am in the process of building a website for a proprietary trading company that is going to gear their site to accommodate the remote active trader. If any of you are remote traders, what features do you like to see on a prop site...blogs, chat rooms, message forums, software? What other things would you expect from a proprietary company to have on their site that would exceed your expectations that other company's don't have?

    Any feedback would be very much appreciated as I will take them all into consideration, I am a trader as well and building a site for the company I am with.

  2. What about illegal inside information? I don't think anyone is currently providing that on their website. Oh wait, GS already does that.

    I hope you are not building this from scratch -- there are plenty of free tools available to host blogs, forums, etc. Just throw a bunch of them together or use something like dotnetnuke and add features as needed.
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  4. Have your market Marker platform and prices screens/charts all running on the same datafeed so there's no mismatch or lag. Nothing sucks more than having your charting/data package saying one thing (usually behind), and your market maker saying another. You have to execute through your MM, and I've used just this at times when the data on the charting package lagged, but it's a lot tougher if you're not used to it.

    Your MM shuold have routing capabilities for everywhere, all order types including baskets, etc. Should have LII for those that want it, and on and on...

    Have windows that show premarket volume/price leaders/laggers and prints, make it so you can edit these for stock price, volume, news, etc etc. Also Imbalances later in the day, and all kinds of ways to scan for stocks intraday based upon numerous parameters - price, volume, range, volatility, news, industry, etc etc. Most will want all the standard TA features/indicators, but I don't use them.

    Have good support people for your platform that you can actually CALL immediately - none of this IM, forum, or e-mail bullshit. If something's up, I don't want to post to a forum or IM, I want to talk to a live body NOW. The company I'm with now I stay with for the support guys, though I've been happy with the broker, too.

    These comments are all directed at equities trading, so I can't comment on futures, forex, or any of that...I'm sure others can add a great deal to all of this.

    Hope this helps...
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    I think the basic live chat room (most likely skype room) and a message forum will be integrated into the site. Just wasn't sure if there was anything else needed to accommodate a remote trader?

    They use a 3rd party software Sterling Trader Pro so as far as filters, screeners, etc I am not to sure on that end.
  7. What do you traders think so far as layout, features, design?

    What could be changed?
    What would you like to see?

    Feedback is appreciated good/bad as it will be taken into account and implemented into the site.


    This is not to promote, advertise or solicit the companys services in anyway shape or form, website design purposes only.
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    Unfortunately, unless you pay them big, they offer the advice the other way:
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