What do people recommend for 43in monitors?

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  1. I currently have 4x27" monitors and a 32" one, previously I had 2 additional 27" ones as well but when I had a new system built one of the video cards that I was using was so old that it didn't work with the updated BIOS and unfortunately the motherboard I chose for the build only had 1 PCIx16 slot because at the time I was planning on using the x1 slot for the other card.

    So, basically I have been running on two less 27" monitors than I was used to previously, but lately I have been thinking/wanting to do an upgrade of all 4 of my 27" monitors and was thinking that going with 43" would be better than going with 32" and cheaper than going with a really big ultrawide one, however when shopping for one it doesn't appear as though there are many 43" dedicated options out there, I see ones that are listed as monitor/TV combo options etc but that's about it.

    What do other people use in the 43" variety? I have heard of other people simply using what are traditional TVs as monitors, but I don't know anything about that in terms of what the differences (pros cons) would be?

    I don't do any gaming, so this doesn't have to be a top of the line monitor per se, I only use my pc for basic stuff + esignal charting + trading.

    Thanks for your time,
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  3. I can help but need more info.

    1. Your mobo has only 1 x16 slot and 1 x1 slot... and you're running 5 monitors?

    2. What video card is running the 4x, 27"?

    3. Are you using onboard video chip to run 5th monitor?

    4. If your 27" monitors are 4k, a 43" monitor/TV won't display more... just bigger.
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    I use a 43in tv as a monitor. 4k. It helped me get rid of all monitor stands etc. Works great. Just make sure you video card and cable can support increased resolution.
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  5. I am using the P620 for 4 of them and onboard Intel UHD 770 for the other one.

    I was wrong, my monitors are 24" and they are pretty old, AOC's model number TFT24W80PS, pretty sure they are not 4K, just 1920 x 1080's
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    i got a new setup a few months ago. I first bought a 43" 4k tv...then decided to go with a 55" 4k that was on sale for like $230 at target. mounted it to the wall and use a standing desk I mounted wheels to in order to move it back and forth for space saving reasons.

    I have used this daily for charting as well as playing video games with my 10 yo...zero issues, would highly recommend just buying a tv
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  7. Your P620 will be OK if you decide to upgrade to 4k. I don't know about onboard video chip to power display. You might want to look up the specs of that chip to see if it will do 4k. If so you'll want to get a proper video cable. Even if not, you can likely run 1920x1080 on a 43" monitor/TV. A monitor will be at least 2x the cost of using a "TV as monitor". I have a 43" Samsung "TV as monitor" (4k), and it's very good all around.... cost ~$400 at Best Buy. (I tried a couple of cheaper ones... a house-brand Insignia and a TCL... both would run at only 30Hz instead of 60Hz and neither had the display quality of the Samsung.)
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  8. So, since the P620 has a quad HDMI output does that mean I could theoretically run 4 separate 4KTVs as monitors just as I am currently running 4 monitors?

    If looking to buy a 4K TV as a monitor are there any certain specifications that I need to ensure it has or will any 4K TV work?
  9. 1. Just about any new TV you get today will be 4k. If only 1920x1080 it will state so and be lower priced.

    2. Theoretically you could run 4x, 43", 4k "TVs as monitors" on that video card. You'd want to be sure to get proper cables. Those would be "DP-HDMI" cables (DP/mDP on one end, HDMI on the other) and state they support "4k (or 8k) @ 60Hz". If I had the space, I'd run 4x, 43" TVs as monitors. I really like the one I have. :)

    3. Upgrading to 4k will give you LOTS more display... 4x that of 1920x1080. You can adjust the text size in Windows. You might decide you don't even want/need the 5th monitor.

    Suggest trying one 43" and see how you like it before going for 4.

    Note.. the P620 has mDP connectors, not HDMI.

    Add... I just checked Best Buy site.. they've got several 43" at good price/discount right now.

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  10. That's a huge aS5 monitor. That would be like having a phone that's ten inches. Or a tablet that's 17".

    I trade using just a 13" notebook. That's the only piece of electronics on my desk, and my phone as a hotspot internet connection.

    I have a personal theory...the bigger the electronics, trading desk setup,....the smaller...the actual profits.
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